Alison L. JamesMystic Crystal Revelations

Opals come in a variety of colors and from all around the globe: white is for purification, pink for emotional healing, blue for calming the mind and body, and black and brown for emotional protection. Some of them exhibit a light diffraction called “fire”,  and this may also be referred to as “holy fire”. Fire Opals are for passion, creativity and sexuality. In light of my trip to Australia, I am focusing here on White and Black Opals

White Opals come from Australia as well as Brazil, Guatemala, Honduras, Japan and Nevada (USA). They amplify emotions and the purging process as well as usher in full-spectrum light. Their fiery inclusions bring to the surface what you may or may not be ready to release.Their white light highlights your connection to your I AM Presence.

Black Opals have a particular magical presence, Their dark base brings an extraordinary array of fiery colors to the holder. Black Opals may evoke deep wounds and amplify the emotions, but they also help you to release negativity from the past and manifest your intentions. They are, therefore, great allies during meditation. and inner work. Their greatest source is Lightning Ridge, NSW, Australia.