Operating in the God-Zone.

Alison JamesAlison's Commentary

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Hello Everyone,

When we are living in the NOW, being present in the moment, we are operating in the God-Zone of Self. In this place we can engage in curiosity and move as we are led. Being overly tied to expectations and predesignated results can limit our outcomes and stifle us. In fact, it may lead us to trying to force an outcome, which is a manifestation of ego, Easing-God-Out. Nonetheless, it is up to us to choose our goals, i.e. we can set the direction, but when we let Spirit fill in the details, this allows for synchronicities, miracles and the unexpected windfall. God’s timing allows for the intersection of opportunity, readiness, willingness and faith and, hey presto, beautiful manifestations come about.

Sometimes life is a game of wait and see, but by placing one’s Trust and Faith in the hands of the Divine, by surrendering to what the Universe has in store for you, you will turn the tables, so to speak. I think of the story of Jesus when he found all the merchants in the Temple and he turned their tables upside down, declaring their activities unrighteous on sacred ground. Sometimes we have to take a step back and examine what we are doing, why we are doing it and question our motivation. When we align our will with Divine Will, we move into the God Zone of Self and we allow ourselves to receive what the Universe has in store for us. By connecting at the heart to our I AM Presence, we will move with greater ease and less inner debate. In the God-Zone, we know what to do.

Beloved Merlin, the Galactic Archetype of the Wizard, is a Master of Transformation. As he advises, you have the magic you need on the inside of you, your own private God-Zone of Self, where you can operate in harmony with God’s timing for you. Calling things forth, envisioning them as if they are already in place, is one of the mysteries of manifestation, but the question is, when will the manifestation occur? Feeling at peace with what you are doing is a sure sign that you and your God Self are functioning harmoniously. If there is a struggle, something may be out of synch and perhaps you are being nudged to take a breath and pause. Either way, persistence of effort and letting go of rigidity may be necessary.

In order to achieve and maintain this Divine flow, quiet-time and alone-time are de rigueur. Calling upon your God Self, your guides and angels, or your “God”, will provide a renewed sense of energy and connection to All There Is. It is the panacea for disquiet, upset and/or whatever ails you! Your I AM Presence knows best and will help you make any correction, shift or change that might be needed. Staying in your God-Zone is the key to happiness and success.

Love and Blessings,
Alison a/k/a Al Ra Hara Ti-Ka

October, 2018.