Our Beloved Teri Merliss Mendelson

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Hello Everyone,

As I am sure many of you know, our beloved friend, songstress and composer, Teri Merliss, made her transition last Saturday, 2:22 AM, May 5th. She is leading the way for our spiritual family group, connecting to us now from the other side. Her light, her loving heart and joyful presence have always blessed all those she came into contact with. She uniquely combined her love for children with her musical talents and wrote and performed for them, teaching about the five values given us by Sri Sathya Sai Baba and conveying much happiness and enjoyment at the same time.

Over some 12 years ago I recall well that Teri devoted time to teach bhajans, including the Gayatri Mantra, and many other songs of devotion. I have carried those words with me since from Mount Shasta in California, to Merlin’s Cave in Tintagel, England, and to The Great Pyramid in Egypt. She made it easy and fun to learn the Sanskrit words, to follow her lead and to sing along. I shall always think of her and her beautiful voice when we gather to sing those sacred songs.

While she had a Jewish upbringing, Teri never missed an opportunity to sing Christmas carols for friends and at SQ-Family gatherings and round the Christmas tree at the Creacon Retreats in Wexford, Ireland. She fully embraced the teachings of Sai Baba and Derek O’Neill and sought to share their universal wisdom and teachings herself in all her work. She was always devoted to her teachers.

My Very Special Memory of Teri

I have not publicly told this story before, but wish to share what an amazing being Teri was. I believe it was in the fall of 2006, after Merlin had reintroduced his presence to me. I was undergoing an intense time of personal adjustment, a period of tests and trials. Teri called me up one day and invited me over to her apartment in New York and said she had something special for me. I had absolutely no idea what she had in mind and I went there one evening after work. She sat me in a chair in the center of the room and told me that she had been guided by Merlin and various other Masters to share with me a celebration of the reuniting of the love of Merlin and myself. Wow! I began to think I was not crazy after all! After some channeled messages and several bhajans, she sang a special song she had written for just for this occasion. That I was “blown away” was an understatement. I was totally overwhelmed, not only by what had happened, but also by the fact that Teri had put the whole ceremony and songs together working with Merlin et al. It was a gift extraordinaire, unexpected and timely for me. She recorded the whole evening and to top it off, she presented me with another special piece of music to listen to, from Merlin to me, a piece of music that I cherish. Teri helped me to accept my new awareness and reality and in her own amazing way expressed her joy and celebration of the newly reunited “we” of Merlin and myself.

Beloved Teri, sing with the angels now, may they honor you and the Love that you are.

Love and Blessings,
Al Ra Hara Ti-Ka, a/k/a/ Alison

May, 2018.