Owner or Guardian?

Alison L. JamesAlison's Commentary

Hello Everyone,

I trust you are well and looking forward to more relaxed social interactions as a result of the vaccines for Covid-19. Having purchased a home of my own for the first time (at my tender age, lol!) I have received some fresh insights of what ownership and responsibility are all about and a renewed perspective of our impact on the planet where we live. The “American dream” (and the dream worldwide, of course) of a higher standard of living, career success, a higher education, owning a house, a car, general consumerism and the desire for familial and social expansion, travel and entertainment, have certainly contributed to an emphasis in life away from the natural world and towards ownership of just about everything it seems.

While growing up as a child in England I had to largely create my own projects and entertainment. The world was a different place then. There were no videos, computers or cellphones and the games we played were mostly of our own making. Toys and bought games were more basic. Finding lizards under garden stones, riding local donkeys and picking wild blackberries were highlights for me. I didn’t use a headset until I was sixteen and sitting in a language lab learning German and French and it felt so ‘foreign’. Becoming self-reliant, holding a job and marriage were the aspirations on the top of my list as I was growing up. Today, watching Swedish-born Greta Thunberg at the age of sixteen traveling round the world and speaking out for climate change is quite a marvel to me. Her message to believe in and act upon the science now available to us to effect change on how we live and affect the environment, is surely a banner example of how a new consciousness is coming through the millenials for the coming Age. Are we and billions of people around the world ready to make major changes in our lives in order to start to unburden Mother Earth and the biosphere? I think the collective is stirring. We still like our “creature” comforts – strange this paradoxical use of the word “creature” when our attitude to the Animal Kingdom has eroded so badly. Mea culpa. Hopefully, we will “heed the need” for change, before the damage we have created becomes cataclysmic.

In your own experience, you might think that you own certain things, a house or piece of land, or anything else for that matter, but do you really? Aren’t you just passing through? We are born into this world with nothing and we leave with nothing, except for love, experience, memories and learning and the energetic imprints we have made. In life you may be provided the experience, if you so allow, that ownership can govern you, rather than the other way around.  Ownership is an exercise to teach you how to be responsible, how to respond. While incarnated, we are participating in the economies and man-made structures and laws on the planet but we are also participating in the metaphysical workings of the Universe, or put another way, in the Divine Plan. I remember vividly that a former mentor of mine said that “money magnifies who you are and that it is necessary to learn to work efficiently with the small before you can handle the large”. We could also say that ‘a fool and his money are soon parted’. How you handle yourself, your relationships and things in general is, of course, a reflection of your consciousness. It comes down to how you are taking care of all matters in your life. Are you mindful, respectful, loving, generous, thankful and at the same time unattached and prepared to leave it all behind when your time comes? Can you let things of the past go? Do you realize how blessed and supported you are by the Universe? Have you learned to close doors gently on all relationships so as not to create karmic waves in your wake? Have you arranged to dispose of all your worldly goods appropriately?

Therefore, guardianship, or becoming responsible as the overseer of everything in your life, is an exercise in learning how to respond and practice non-attachment, to participate in the flow of giving and receiving in life. A tight grip on matters in your personal world is also counterproductive. Flexibility is necessary to allow self-introspection, change and transformation to take place. Life gives us the lessons that mold us in consciousness so that we can hold the learning within our soul beyond the physical. It is the lessons, sense-memories and spiritual imprints that live on, not the ownership of things. On Earth, it is better to admire and aspire to emulate those who demonstrate the God-qualities we may wish to cultivate within ourselves. Perhaps then “all these things may be added unto you”. Our soul, Higher Self and guardian angels prompt our personal evolution in the way we need to go. Ultimately, we must become guardians of ourselves in all things: our minds, our bodies, our thoughts, our emotions, our spirit, our lives. This is Self Sovereignty. Who or what is governing you in your life?