Pan, the god of Nature, Introduction and Message.

Alison L. JamesMessages of Light


Midas, no longer lured by dreams of riches,
Took to the woods, became a nature lover,
He worshipped Pan …. (Ovid, The Metamorphoses)

It is of interest to note that the ancient Greek god Pan was a favorite god of the people. To them he was a shepherd, musical (he played the pipes) and lusty. He was a god of Nature. Depicted in the form of half man and half goat, he is reminiscent of the animal-headed Egyptian gods and the centaur (half man, half horse). The word “pan” means “whole, every, all inclusive”, hence our present use of the word “pandemic” and to “separate out”, as in to “pan for gold”.

After the issuance of the Nicene Creed (“I believe in one God …”) and the establishment of the Catholic Church in 325 C.E., Christian theologians demonized Pan, distorting his appearance and pagan significance into that of the horned, cloven-footed devil. Nonetheless he has remained an earthly being associated with the Olympian gods and, oftentimes like Merlin, he remained in myth. Poets, including Milton, later linked him to Jesus the Christ, but by being described as a sinful sexual being he became feared and associated with guilt, hence the demonization. Over time, coupled with humanity’s non-belief in the power of God and Nature and man’s rampant abuse, Pan has, no doubt, long awaited man’s reconnection to God and the love of Nature. His time is the ever-present now. It is my wish to justly associate him with all that is loving, benign and benevolent, necessary components of healing our relationship with Nature. He speaks for himself below.

Channeled Message from Pan

Dear Beloved Earth Humans,

It is I, Pan, of the woods and forests, of the streams and oceans, of the plants and animals and all natural matters pertaining to Earth. I have long loved all that is of beauty and of great power and healing in the Earth realm. I have watched and waited for the return to the old ways of love and caring of humanity for Mother Nature. I have seen the destruction, and together with the Elementals and the Elements on which your lives depend, we have worked for eons to repair and maintain the forms,  features and energies of your planet. It is with a deep and abiding love for you and the Earth that I speak to you today to arouse your will and desire to restore and repair the damage being wreaked on all living lifeforms. From the trees and plants that maintain the air that you breathe, the earth that sustains their growth, the water that is your life, the animals that support your ravenous lifestyle, the minerals that comprise your computers, phones and technological advancements, all these components and so much more are under duress and require your help.

Your pandemic belongs to me, for its transmittal around the globe is to awaken your hearts and souls to the plight of Mother Earth and all that pertains to her. Your weather systems, climate changes, cataclysmic disruptions, pollution and ecological imbalances herald the need for you to heal your relationship with Mother Earth and to come back into balance with Mother Nature.  They can no longer suffer the plundering and marauding of their resources without thought and care for their wellbeing. Gaia is seeking your care and cooperation in this time of transformation and return to all that is kind and good. The ways of old superstition and destruction no longer serve you and new ways of thinking and new technologies await your focused intent and application.

Step with me softly into your wild and untouched places. Even as you return to more normal living conditions, take the time to sit under a tree and connect to all that is above, below and around you. Feel the rooted power at your back. With each breath you take, feel the Love that gives you life itself. Before you step onto a blade of grass or pick a flower, give thanks that Nature’s abundance greets you with such beauty and ample supply.  As the wind rustles through the leaves and grasses, as the river trickles at your feet, know that I and the beings known as the Elementals are spreading the Joy and Peace of your world. Observe the details of every flower and plant whose beauty is created and held by the Elementals. Their fierce commitment to the world of form is exemplary but has reached a point of saturation. Will you help us beloveds? Will you find gentler and holistic ways to sustain your lives, feed your families and share the beauty that blesses you at every turn? It is your loving and open hearts that we seek, to allow even the Mineral Kingdom to be replenished. No matter where you are situated, there are always ways for you to connect to Nature and all her finery and to share her healing energies. Mother Nature needs your gentle eye and loving hands to perpetuate all that you receive every day in every second of your lives.

The sages and masters who have trodden upon the Earth have left a footprint of thoughts, words and deeds for the benefit of humanity. Their benevolence and altruistic actions remain with you and guide you along your path in life. When a butterfly passes, a hummingbird dances and a bird sings, know that they too are dependent on the wellbeing of the Earth and all her kingdoms. Your well-intentioned and meaningful desire to help heal the planet will be felt by me and so many other beings of Light. Together we can restore and maintain your lives as you move more closely into the Golden Age that awaits you. The magic of your world is like a gentle mist that softly drops over your heads to help you see more clearly the wonder of Mother Nature in all her forms. Let us come together to allow the Elements and the Elementals to do their work as Mother Nature intended.  Many changes are coming. It is all ordained for you.

In Anticipation and
With Love, Peace, Abundant Blessings and Joy to You