Paul the Venetian, his Art and his Message

Alison JamesMessages of Light

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The Baptism of Jesus by Paolo Veronese
(b.Cagliari, Verona, Italy, 1528-1585).

The artist of the famous painting above is none other than the beloved Master known as Paul the Venetian. This was his last incarnation on Earth. Out of the light of Source flies the Dove of the Holy Spirit over the water that is about to be poured to anoint Jesus’ head. Jesus is kneeling on one knee in a position of humility to receive this blessing; similarly, John the Baptist is in a humble stance. Both are overseen by angelic cherubs. A trinity is formed by Jesus and John the Baptist with the Dove of the Holy Spirit above, whose wings are outstretched (the cherubs too) in contrast to the arms of Jesus.

This image of the Dove emerging from the Light is one that we have seen replicated in many forms and applications. It was indeed Paul the Venetian who birthed this image that is as relevant today as it was then. This painting may be viewed at the magnificent Barnes Collection in Philadelphia, PA.

Paul the Venetian, Chohan of the Third Ray of Divine Love, the hierarch of the Chateau de Liberte, his retreat on the etheric plane over southern France, espouses the utilization of culture to assist mankind and the Spiritual Hierarchy to establish spiritual truths in the earth plane. One of his gifts to the world was to venerate life through art and beauty, even facing the Inquisition for his “heresy” of illustrating life-like images. He loved using color and discovered a unique method of pigment preparation that preserves paint. His legacy of painted works includes the Marriage of Cana that hangs in the Louvre, and many other famous works that survive for our appreciation today. He says:

It is of great benefit to the soul to take one’s time to enjoy the beauty of Nature, culture and art. “Dull would he be of soul who could pass by a sight so touching in its majesty” (~William Wordsworth). The power of the image transcends words in ways that are indescribable to the human mind, as you say: a picture paints a thousand words. If you would seek to imbibe universal treasures of truth and beauty at my etheric retreat, call on me and I will welcome you to study the joy and mastery of the arts and to enhance your own gifts of expression, whatever they may be.
Paul the Venetian

September, 2015.