Peacock Ore

Alison JamesMystic Crystal Revelations

I like to call Peacock Ore, also known as Bornite or Chalcopyrite, “Peacock Rock”.  Its iridescent blue, red and purple colors shimmer and fascinate and are very enlivening.  The intrinsic component of copper makes it a great conductor of energy and a great activator for the aura and all the chakras.  Combined with its brilliance, it is known as the “Happy Stone”.

So named after the showy tail feathers displayed by the male peacock, Peacock Rock is an “attention getter”.  It will capture your attention away from negative factors and aspects of being that hold you back and are ready to be released.  Let its energies replace those that are negative and let it shift you into a place of inner brightness and joy. When holding the stone in meditation, circulate the energies from above your crown, down through your chakras, into Mother Earth and back up to your crown again.

Of particular note is that the peacock has long been associated with the Avatars, often illustrated accompanying Krishna and other “blue beings”. With its eye-covered tail feathers that are treasured for their beauty and value, it has been said that the peacock is a reminder, when gazing upon the Avatar, to be conscious of puffed-up pride and its pitfalls. Let the electric blue emanation of Peacock Ore clear, cleanse and energize you.

Peacock Rock, like the Avatars, says:

“Let my light shine in your dark places. I am bursting with color and life.”