Alison L. JamesPoetry

I am a pebble
Compounded, striated, smoothed and rounded,
Of solid stone
Cut from the earth’s crust,
Shaped and worn
By the tossing of the waves,
Grated vigorously against other pebbles,
Lifted and moved
By pounding tidal waters,
Turned, twisted, shaken,
A constant traveler thrown up
By the eternal laws of the universe.
I come to rest
In a soft bed of sand
Where others of my kind
Shimmer in the sunlight,
White, pink, grey, yellow, brown,
Each uniquely transformed
By the pressures of earthly time.
Newly defined, I lie
Among whispering grasses,
Where ants, crickets and butterflies
Creep, crawl, flurry and thrive
Around, above, below.
I form a bridge
In their daily course of life.
Here my purpose is fulfilled
As I roll with Nature’s flow.
Pick me up, hold me to the light,
I am not yet sand,
Feel my vibration
As we come together.
I am one in a million,
Small, but strong,
Call me Goliath slayer,
I am part of the Divine Plan.