Personal Year-End Notes 2016.

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Hello Everyone,

The holidays are approaching and New York City is looking its best with all the Christmas lights and decorations and, of course, there’s the giant tree in Rockefeller Center. I somehow doubt if they ask the tree if it would like to be cut down and have such a glorious send-off, but it brings happiness and light to so many and the tourist throng is as huge as ever.

Trump Tower is across the street from my office and the $1 million per day security is going on 24/7 — yes, it’s crazy, isn’t it? – and the traffic is hell! After a chat with Merlin, I do believe that there is much heavenly activity going on here and around Washington DC. The Kennedy Camelot had its day, but I think we are all going to have to stand up for The New Camelot and be very conscious and learn to Love Large.

Whatever our personal thoughts about the American political scene, standing up for love, peace, truth, right order and non-violence is providing us a big lesson in mind over matter and intention. I pray that our shared vibration of the five human values will hold sway over the collective attitude, focus and forthcoming changes that will emanate from Capitol Hill.

With the coming to a close of 2016 (of numerical value 9 meaning completion), the stage is set for new outcomes for us all. After my personal odyssey this year, traveling home to the UK, home to family, home to old haunts with Merlin, home to Ireland and home to Derek O’Neill, Creacon Retreat and the foundation of the SQ family, I can say that I have come home to Self, home to roost in my own heart. I find myself also having come full circle and back to basics. After tearing the meniscus in my left knee, I have been learning to walk again, literally. I think my own personal world is reflecting what the world at large is about to do in 2017, re-evalutate everything and start from scratch as it were. We shall see …

Of significance to me and my family is that my stepfather, Stanley Wheal, crossed over into the light on December 5th (4/11/1920-12/5/2016). He was 96 years young, just shy of getting a telegram from the Queen. But, of course, death is not an ending, but marks a new beginning where “muggledom” is not the status quo! The photo above was taken around 1979 in a quaint village in Sussex, England when I was … much younger! That’s my mother (I called her Mimsie) in the middle who crossed over in 1999.