Pink Kunzite and Rose Quartz

Alison L. JamesMystic Crystal Revelations

Pink Kunzite is a spectacular crystal. Its pink ray radiance and light are perfect to be used to stimulate love and creativity in the heart. Belonging to the Spudomene family of crystals, its pink to purple shades comes from its manganese content. It is a calming stone yet inspiring at the same time. It will assist healing and connect to the energies of higher wisdom. Kunzite, while it manifests in a number of different hues of baby pink to violet, has highly identifiable striations which can be aligned to the body for healing. It may also be found with shades of yellow and green (Hiddenite). All may be used for healing and creativity of the heart.

Rose Quartz,
The Gemstone of Divine Love

Rose Quartz is a piece of heaven on Earth.  It is one of the the most lovely and pleasing crystals in the smorgasbord of crystals and gemstones fashioned by the Creator.  It is Love and Compassion, powerful and gentle at the same time. No home is complete without it.  Its beauty and radiance is readily available for every heart that seeks solace, healing, gentleness, rejuvenation and above all Love.

From the palest pink to deeper and lavender tones, it ushers in a sense of Peace and a beautiful connection to All That Is within the Universe.  It consoles and soothes the heart and offers recalibration where wounds and emotional pain have constrained inner balance and harmony.  If in doubt, on any count, Rose Quartz is the answer.

When held or worn, it brings about that deep exhale of release and acceptance.  It ushers in forgiveness of self and others.  As one of the five major quartz crystals, it teaches self-love.  It is the stone of choice for children – of all ages.  When choosing a piece of Rose Quartz, it may be opaque, translucent or quite clear, but in all cases it is the pre-eminent stone for the heart.  It is the “crystalline nectar of the gods” for the heart.