Fire of Divine Love

This precious and ancient symbol comes to us directly from the Masters, and opens the heart for Love to flow in and out. It can be drawn on anyone, by any one. On receiving this symbol, you pledge to donate $7.00 to a good cause, but not to the person who draws it for you.

To draw this symbol:

Ask the receiver to stand with their back to you. Make sure it is all right to draw this symbol on the person by asking your Higher Guidance. If you hear silence, it is safe to draw the symbol on the person’s back. You then draw Prema Agni over the heart chakra on the back and down the spine, as shown below. After you have drawn the symbol, place your right hand over the heart chakra on the person’s back and your left hand on their left shoulder. Then repeat aloud three times:


It is important that on step two, you draw 9 points, not 8 or 10.

Please give a copy of this to whomever you draw the symbol on, so they can in turn draw it on others, thus opening LOVE for the Planet.

For more information about the symbolic language of this symbol and to watch a video instruction of how to draw the symbol, please visit Derek O’Neill’s website, SQ-WELLNESS.COM, Prema Agni.

Seed of Truth

This is a very special symbol embodying the consciousness “As Above, So Below.” It is the feminine counterpart to the Prema Agni. To find out more about how this symbol heals and to receive a healing, go to SQ-WELLNESS.COM, Prema Dharmadhatu.