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It has been my role in Time and No Time to bring forth the Love, Light and Teachings of the Great White Brotherhood, the spiritual hierarchy that is assisting our Ascension process here on Earth. Most specifically, I work in Oneness with the energies of Ascended Master Merlin to assist the alchemical changes needed at this time. The energy and vibration of mass consciousness is affected by the vibration of every person on Earth. My mission is to assist the raising of our individual vibrations according to the Divine Will.

Through my teachings and speaking engagements I seek to raise awareness of spiritual matters: “As above, so below”. When we understand that everything is energy, we can relate to ancient times and places in an entirely new way. Suddenly a ruined site of former civilization may hold a specific energy and remembrance for you. Lemuria and Atlantis, even though they sank beneath our oceans, still exist energetically in the Universe and have significance today. These and a selection of other topics are listed below:


Merlin and The New Camelot!
• The Divine Feminine
• Activate the Lemurian Blueprint
• Maya Consciousness and Crystal Skulls
• Ascension: Your Toolkit
• It’s All About Love
• The Chakra System & Beyond
• Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life

The Divine Playshops

A partial listing here, each with teachings, meditations and energetic transmissions:

  • Lemuria and the Magenta Ray
  • The Temple of the Higher Light, Atlantis
  • Mu, Uluru Rock and The Dreaming
  • Easter Island Transmission
  • Stonehenge and the Cosmos
  • Conclave of the Violet Heart, Mykonos, Greece – Mediterranean Peace Mission
  • The Mayan Activation
  • Egypt and the Capstone Activation
  • Lighting the Flame of the 12 Golden Cities Around the World
  • Shamballa
  • Temple of the Heavenly Gates, Beijing, China, Confucius and Arcturus
  • Venus and Mother Earth
  • … and more besides

Other Workshops upon request

For availability and further information, contact me.