Pyrite Suns

Alison JamesMystic Crystal Revelations

Pyrite Suns hold the energies of Pyrite and are wonderful for holding or placing on the body.  They may be small and knobbly or larger and quite thin.  The thinner variety of Pyrite Suns may have a silvery, more delicate dusting or be quite golden in appearance.  But do not think of any of them as fool’s gold — as this term is so often applied to Pyrite.  Their circular shape makes them very user friendly and they are a powerful tools for bringing you back down to earth, especially after a powerful experience.

Pyrite Suns are a wonderful tool to assist balancing the masculine, initiating energies of the sun and the grounding energies of the Earth. This combination is very enabling and particularly helpful for the grounding of the power energies found at the solar plexus. You may hold them in each hand and place them on the chakras from the third eye down. You may combine this with a pyrite cube placed at the crown.

It is important to note, however, that any form of Pyrite may not be placed in water, for its physicality may easily disintegrate.  Cleanse with the power of intention and incense.

Pyrite works well with Hematite and Cuprite, forming a marvellous trinity of stones that empowers, grounds and manifests the light.  Pyrite connects you to your creative power by aligning your will with the Divine Will.  Pyrite Suns help you to radiate this energy into your aura and into your root.  This gift from Mother Earth is especially helpful at this time of Ascension.