Quartz Crystal Merkaba – An Ascension Tool

Alison JamesMystic Crystal Revelations

A “Merkaba” in quartz crystal has particular significance. The crystal depicted here has been cut and polished into a 3-dimensional ‘Star of David’. It is our understanding that this thought-form, this sacred energetic  form of the ‘Star of David’, carries Christ consciousness throughout the Universe. For those who are familiar with the Rising Star Healing System, you are no doubt aware that the Star of David symbol, with its two overlapping equilateral triangles, is used in this system for this very reason. It represents heaven and earth coming together through your being. It is a most powerful energetic form that is utilized by the practitioner to enable anyone on Earth to receive these life-changing Rising Star energies, possibly the highest healing energies available to us at this time. They can help you raise your vibration exponentially. This will assist you in your Ascension process and the activation of your Merkaba.

Quartz Merkaba

According to Drunvalo Melchizedek, in Ancient Egypt “Mer” meant “a light rotating in on itself”, “ka” meant “spirit” (the human spirit) and “ba” meant the human body (or the reality holding spirit). We can, therefore, think of the Merkaba as being the rotating light of the (human) spirit held within a certain reality, in our case the human form. And then, of course, there is Mer-lin.

The Merkaba is our vehicle of crystalline light that contains within it all our energies and, most importantly, our spirit. It is our Merkaba that carries our energies beyond the limits of 3-dimensional time and space. In spirit, with Universal telepathic thought, there is no distance or time lapse, things happen simultaneously. Until we reach that level of existence and vibration on Earth, our Merkaba is an important ascension tool, a light vehicle that carries our energies to the higher realms beyond the 5th dimension in which we presently find ourselves.

The Merkaba, as shown in the picture above, is a Star of David quartz crystal expanded into 3-dimensional form. It tells us that with our own energetic Merkaba we can move beyond our 3-dimensional reality, to experience more of ourselves multi-dimensionally. Clear quartz, with its ability to resonate with high frequencies, is a perfect tool to use when activating the human Merkaba. When working with clear quartz crystal, with its inclusions, message plates and rainbows, we have a wonderful opportunity to attune our energies to spirit, to set our intentions and to program our energies as part of our ascension process. Hold it in your hands as you activate the Merkaba energies around your body. In this way, a clear quartz Merkaba can help you to understand and hold the focus while you begin to activate your own crystalline Merkaba energies.