Rainbow Lemon Citrine

Alison JamesMystic Crystal Revelations

This form of Citrine has a brightness and a resilience that cannot be shaken.  It holds the ray of “attainment” — so much more than hope — on a cloudy  day.  It is like the beckoning light at the end of a tunnel, like the sun that is always shining above the clouds, even if you cannot see it on a gloomy day.  With this crystal, you can see the magnificence of the Light and it draws you to it, like a moth to a flame. So it is with Rainbow Lemon Citrine: it allows your will to align with the Golden Light of Source on a deep level.  Keep it on a sunny window ledge, or where its energies will be accentuated by the light, so that you will be reminded of your own divine light, no matter how things may seem on the surface.

Rainbow Lemon Citrine

It is so important at this time of Ascension to know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that your divine presence upon the planet is ordained.  It is not an accident that you are reading this!  Allow this truth to lift your spirits and go beyond wishful thinking to an acceptance of the Light that is YOU.  The vibration of Golden Citrine carries with it a strength of purpose that defies negativity, and Rainbow Lemon Citrine, in particular, combines this with a brilliance and liveliness that can clear your aura and chakras and align your Will of the solar plexus with Divine Will.  It clears away emotional debris and, when worn on a regular basis, maintains the brightness of your energetic system and wellbeing.  You can trust it as your talisman.  Put it out around your home and workplace, especially where arguments may have erupted.  Break through the clutter of conditioned thinking and repetitious patterning by placing this crystal wherever you choose to meditate and focus your intention.  Its brightness pushes negativity aside and does not hold onto it.

Hold Rainbow Lemon Citrine in your hands and rub and activate it with your fingers.  As you blend your energies with this royal stone, know that our shared Kingdom of the Universe offers every one of us the abundance that is our rightful inheritance.  Rainbow Lemon Citrine, with its gleaming rainbows and inclusions, shows us at a glance that there is a bright future ahead and you can participate and share in All That Is.  You can take this literally to your spiritual bank!  With this awareness you can set your intention to manifest, not only material wealth, but to raise your level of vibration to enable yourself to move out of any negative and stagnant situation and create a new, brighter world for yourself on all levels.  You are what you think you are and energy follows thought and intent.

This is a plentiful crystal from China.  The rainbows form a bridge for you to see the Light of Truth.  The Light of Source is reflected throughout the Universe and is held in this crystal.  Keep Rainbow Lemon Citrine close to your physical being to strengthen it.  Place it in a clearly visible place in your environment and henceforth choose to see the glass as being half-full, not half-empty.  Let the radiance of Rainbow Lemon Citrine assist you to optimize your own talents and abilities to manifest your dreams without negativity and hindrance.