Alison L. JamesMystic Crystal Revelations

Rhodochrosite is a most attractive crystal with its shades of pink, rose, ruby and white. It may be found with hues of peach also. Like the heart itself, it is a little soft and may be damaged easily. It is, however, a most perfect stone for love of the heart, for the Self and Source. Holding it is to want to hold it to your heart and connect to its palpable vibrations of Divine Love and Devotion. It is a stone of Peace, Healing and Joy, a great soother for the heart. Crystal therapy author and teacher Katrina Raphaell (with whom I trained in Kauai) said of Rhodochrosite:

“… [it is] the God-sent deliverer whose purpose and mission is to clear the solar plexus and integrate the energies of the physical and spiritual realms.”

The sensitivity of the solar plexus is the place where the overflow of emotions not dealt with reside. Be gentle with yourself while addressing what may arise. Allow rhodochrosite to assist your process. While not inexpensive, it is like a pearl of great price to be cherished and recognized for its rosy-pink ray of Love. Jewelry of all kinds and talismans made of Rhodochrosite are to be worn gently in love and appreciation.