Rose Quartz Remembered

Alison JamesMystic Crystal Revelations

While I have channeled and written about many crystals here in my monthly Mystic Crystal Revelations and have recommended their use over the years to many, I am particularly drawn to share here in this period of transition and change, that rose quartz is the perfect accompaniment for everyone, for both sexes, and for all ages, including young children. For the some-time user or wearer, this article is a reminder that rose quartz is a faithful crystalline friend that would like to be dusted off and used now!

No crystal healer’s collection would be complete without rose quartz, nor the aspirant’s chakra set, nor the meditator’s toolkit.  One of my most prized crystals is a rose quartz heart, blessed by Mother Amma. After years of use in crystal therapy, it has become clearer and clearer and it now exudes a truly loving and divine energy. The stone is living up to its nomenclature as the “Love Stone”. It is no accident, of course, that rose quartz is abundantly available at this time and beautifully appealing to most who come into its environ.

The primary usage of rose quartz is for healing the heart; the heart chakra is important for the alignment of all the other chakras.  Rose quartz works with the emotional body and the heart chakra, but it also works with the aura and light body to help soothe and address many issues stored and ready for transmutation. Pink tourmaline, pink diamonds, pink sapphires and morganite all have their place and specific qualities for the healing of the heart, but holding rose quartz is like returning to the embrace of the Mother. The qualities of rose quartz are decidedly feminine – well of course, she is birthed in Mother Earth! – but there is a warmth and feeling of comfort that rose quartz emits that can soothe your ruffled feathers and troubled heart. Her gentle pink ray of light is an important vibration within the rainbow spectrum of light of the universe.

Awaiting us within our personal evolution is the awareness that Love is the answer to All Things; rose quartz brings us to this awareness.  The love of self, the love of the Universe and the love of one’s connection to All Things are intrinsic to the power of love within the crucible of the heart. One must love the self (the little “i”) in order to love the “I” or Higher Self. This requires that one heals, releases and transforms the pain and hurts of the past; rose quartz can assist this process. This may include the forgiveness of others and self and a reorientation that one can trust in relationships again. It may be necessary to remember that the lessons of the past, and the distress, pain and anguish they may have brought, can be soothed and eased by applying the loving and supportive energies of rose quartz.

Rose quartz assists the ushering in of a state of peace, gentleness and acceptance within the heart to enable one to move forward without resentment, anger or regret.  With the application of rose quartz at the heart and in crystal layouts, all that you may have stored up from the past may be gradually and gently released and transmuted.  The healing of the heart fortifies the inner sense that love is enabling. One may learn to come forward in a loving manner but with strength and confidence, and with an inner knowing that you are love and you are divine.

Rose quartz will help you understand that all love is divine and from the Source of All There Is. The integration of this awareness will elicit a deep compassion for your brothers and sisters on Earth, as well as all life forms.  To consider the grass upon which you may walk and to become aware of the self-sacrifice of the animal kingdom are examples of the mindfulness of the heart. For example, Zen monks in the gardens in Kyoto, Japan, meditate to become aware of the life of the plants, such as the delicate mosses that cling to the rocks at the waters’ edge; they learn to work in harmony with Mother Nature. There is much we can learn from them in the West.

We can place rose quartz everywhere within our homes and work environment; it can cleanse the energies of quarrels and disagreements and help balance negative polarities.  Within the physical body, the peacefulness evoked by rose quartz can enable the seeker to accept a greater level of Self, thus enhancing the healing process by eliminating self-doubt, self-criticism and feelings of unworthiness. The effects of stress and anxiety can be greatly alleviated. Do you feel (not think) you deserve to be well and abundant? Unconditional Love is the foundation and goal of our ascension journey. The love, peace and purity of the heart is to be highly revered and sought.  Remember that blessed rose quartz will help you on your way.