Alison JamesMystic Crystal Revelations

The “sands of time” demonstrate to us that nothing remains the same in the physical world. Silica and quartz, constituents of sand, combine with other minerals and sedimentation to form sandstone, against the odds. And as it does so, it forms the most beautiful, sparkling stones that are pure joy. They radiate gold, copper-colored and rainbow rays that fill us with awe and enthusiasm. These are the energies we seek in our leaders and that inspire us.

Sandstone is a marvelous gift to help us to shake loose the past and allow it to slip effortlessly away. This frees us for greater insights, expansion and devotion to our path. Kings and queens of our ancient civilizations, including Egypt, have revered the colors and luminosity of sandstone and have adorned themselves and their environment with its power and beauty.

Step into the brilliance of your own divinity and strength, your own power of mastery and move into a joyful and elegant way of being, trusting in your own light. Sandstone is a great mobilizer, activating the second chakra of creativity with a luminescence second to none. Let its warmth guide you to a new, brighter and lighter you. Open up to new ideas. Don’t think small. Its richness and depth remind you to bring forward your own gifts and abilities.  It leads the way for you to find your own leadership qualities.