Saturn the Disciplinarian

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Hello Everyone,

I hope you are enjoying your Summer. I have a red coleus plant that is called ‘Saturn’ and it is flourishing in all this July summer heat. The intensity of its color (as in the photo) leaves no doubt as to the reason for its name. The care instructions say it needs partial shade and good watering. It gets a bit of shade in the latter half of the day, but generally more sunshine than shade. It has grown so much in the intensity of the heat that it set me thinking.

We all like a bit of shade away from the intensity of our daily demands, don’t we? While we may prefer to lay low or steer clear of the discipline and intensity of the lessons we receive in our lives, we too may discover that we thrive under conditions that may not at first seem to be conducive for our growth. Planet Saturn, known as the Taskmaster, Disciplinarian and Lord of Karma, is an energetic catalyst and provides a spoonful of tough medicine from the Universe that can assist to bring us to a new state of being.

A concept recently before me through my Kabbalah study is that there is a beauty in the fierceness, discipline and even severity that can bring us to a new level of awareness. Maintaining this perspective is a balancing act for us. If we want to love our results, we must embrace the process of getting there and we always reap what we sow. The word ‘discipline’, associated with necessary choices under Saturn, tends to evoke a negative reaction in us. It may make us ‘see red’ and want to turn away. Yet if we can open to the experience and practice, and commit to the task at hand, this contributes to the final joy and pleasure of having achieved something that we have worked hard for. When the discipline becomes a regular practice, the maintenance becomes automatic. It takes surrender on our part and a willingness to change.

Of course, we all need respite. Farmers must provide shade for animals where there is minimal natural shade provided by trees. We must take rest when we have exerted ourselves to establish new patterns. But as we move through this intense time of purging and self re-invention, accelerated by the spiritual codings and Ascension energies being directed to this planet, it is good to know that the Divine Plan is bringing us exactly what we need, when we need it and to a level of growth that perhaps we had not expected or anticipated.

Despite ourselves, we are receiving some major tune-ups on a personal and global scale. We cannot avoid them and to resist is painful, time-consuming and fruitless. Merlin provides some further insight on this topic in the channeling below.

Stay cool!
Love and Blessings,
Alison, a/k/a Al Ra Hara Ti-Ka

July 2016.

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