Scared or Sacred?

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During this time of increased high vibrational energies coming to Mother Earth, has a personal issue or situation arisen that is causing you some consternation? Has an energy or awareness arisen in you that is sending you into fear (false evidence appearing real)? If so, then it may comfort you to know that you are not alone. It is as if a spiritual “roto rooter” is at work on humanity, reaching deep within to bore out residue and old remains from past experiences and past lives. And all this on a global scale too!

These energies may cause you, for a short while perhaps, to witness your shadow side, a part of you that may seemingly be ready to engulf you despite all that you have learned. It is all right.  This is not to be feared, but rather witnessed, embraced and then released. An emotional upsurge may temporarily trigger old feelings of doubt, mistrust and victimhood. Never fear, the SACRED part of you is always present. This is a polarity of being at work. A SCAR from an old wound from the past is coming to the surface to be released and transformed and it has you SCARED. Being SCARED is an internal mechanism to warn you that there is something requiring your immediate attention. It is crucial to remember, however, that your experience of this negative upsurge is not the truth of you.  It is something you are going through. You are not your experience. You are Love and Light. You are receiving the gift of a lesson.

Such moments of pain, even panic, may be caused by disparate parts of you that are like dots that have not been connected. They come up on you suddenly, rather like a driver’s “blind spot” when at the wheel of car. You know where the blind spot is, but you have to have the presence of mind to be able to counteract if the situation so requires. If something is coming up from behind, beyond your control, you cannot prevent it from coming forward. The key is to know how to focus so that you can be prepared with a counteractive move if necessary. Similarly, when a negative flare-up has you in its grip, it is important to remember to move from the SCARRED to a place of the SACRED within you. Do not be SCARED of the old SCAR!

Some years ago, (as I mention in my book) Mother Mary came to me at one time to tell me that certain challenges I had been dealing with were really some “barnacle scraping”!  Ouch! Of course, it had been painful, but in that moment I knew that this meant that the lessons were to be cleared, once and for all, and for my benefit. This awareness remains with me still and helps  me as a source of understanding that I can share.

We may not be privy to why certain challenges have become part of our lot in life or where they originate, but we surely know that they are meant for us and are for us to work through. As healing facilitators and lightworkers, it is up to us to hold the space of clarity, love and healing, that place of the SACRED, in order to assist others to reach a place of understanding, acceptance and peace. The Divine Plan is at work to get us all where we need to be.

Therefore, when an old SCAR has arisen and has you SCARED and in its grip, affirm and state your SACREDNESS to bring you back to the heart and center of you:

I AM Love,
I AM Light,
I AM not my body,
My experiences are not the truth of me, they are for me,
I AM not my emotions, they are passing through me,
I AM loved, protected and safe,
I AM One with the Universe,