Alison JamesMaster Merlin Speaks

Today, more than ever, it is important to LOVE YOURSELF.  This means in every aspect of your being: physically, emotionally and spiritually.  It means that you honor yourself in every way.  It does not serve you to deny your feelings, your physicality and, of course, your truth.  You can’t “fudge” it any more, it just doesn’t work.


It is possible to say “no” in a loving way, being firm but not offensive.  It is advisable not to compromise when you are not feeling right about something, rather than have to withdraw from it later, causing greater ripples and pain.  In other words, you must honor yourself, your energies and what works for you.  Oftentimes, you might squeeze that extra appointment or errand in, when your energy could be better spent in a creative way that you choose for yourself.  YOU ARE IMPORTANT.


The days of considering yourself “first” are here.  This does not mean that you do not hold others in love and respect, but rather if you follow your own guidance, your own “book”, you will be happier and in balance and this will serve others as well as yourself.  Loving yourself is not a selfish act.  It is a priority!  From a place of “I AM LOVE” it is possible to move to a place of universal and unconditional love, i.e.”WE ARE LOVE”.


When children, or adults for that matter, seek instant gratification it places a demand which you may not wish to fill in that moment.  Set your timeframe and allocate when things work best for you.  This exercise will demonstrate to you that, when you are not pulled hither and yon, becoming exhausted at another’s whim, you are not pulled off-center.  How many times have you allowed another’s energies and demands to overtake your own limitations and energy reserves.  You must honor your own energies, your own time-frame and sense of self.


On your path to self-mastery, it is the love of oneself that sets the foundation for all your other work.  When you no longer allow yourself to be distracted, derailed and upset by external sources, when your inner peace is immovable, when you’re in a place of inner harmony and joy, when you radiate love and self-respect, oh, how others will react differently to you!  Like a child in school who has learned the teacher’s parameters of behavior, you will find yourself making choices that serve you and that can then serve others!  When others know and understand “where you stand”, their interaction with you will start to comply with what they know of you.  That is a loving, respectful thing to do.  You do it for others, don’t you?


Making choices sets your intention, and the universe in all its forms can comply with that!  Going begrudgingly from pillar to post is like stepping into a revolving doorway.  Until you decide to take a step, you’ll just go round and round.  Who are you trying to please?


What do you want to do with your life?  Have you reviewed what is unfinished or needs attention.  Have you noted what has slipped through the cracks?  Are you procrastinating on something because it’s not really in your heart to do it?  Did you agree to something that really “went against your grain?”  STAND IN YOUR TRUTH, NOW.  This is a time of very fast manifestation.  Choose.  If it doesn’t work out, choose something else!  Let it come from the inside of you, from a place of balance between the head and the heart.  That way you can move forward in confidence, knowing that you have mastered a piece of your life, you are honoring yourself.  The mind may be easily persuaded by the ego, but the heart must FEEL it’s right.  Loving, rational choices are the goal.  If you are unsure, it is helpful to remember the phrase, “if in doubt, don’t!”  Allow the love within your own heart to be your guide.  The desires of your heart are there for you to express, they are God-given.  Be yourself.  Be the love that you are.  Love is all there is.

Love to You,

Master Merlin