St. Germain on Ascension Alchemy

Alison JamesMessages of Light

The following is an excerpt from article Activate Ascension Alchemy.

St. Germain says:

“Dear Lightworkers,

Be encouraged at this time to step deeply into the recesses of your hearts to root out what has laid ignored and labeled of lesser value.  As you identify your old patterns and energies that no longer serve you, call upon the Violet Flame.  This dispensation is a gift to you. Do not doubt its efficacity. Indeed you will find yourselves propelled rapidly towards that inner dwelling of the I Am Presence, of the Christ within you.  Your future lies in your own hands of creativity.  Do not wait for that rainy day.  Step up now to greet your future with joy in full knowledge that your presence upon the Earth underlies an event of cosmic proportion.

I am your humble servant,

St. Germain”