Staurolite, a/k/a The Fairy Cross

Alison L. JamesMystic Crystal Revelations

To hold Staurolite in your hand is to experience a little piece of magic. The name “staurolite” comes from the Greek word “stauros” meaning “cross” and “lithos” meaning stone. Due to the shape of its hexagonal crystals in cross formation, Staurolite has long been associated with religious belief and superstition. It is found abundantly in Fairy Stone State Park in Virginia and Fannin County, Georgia. It is also the official state mineral of the State of Georgia. Woodrow Wilson, Thomas Edison and Theodore Roosevelt all kept Staurolite as a good luck charm.

Due to its size, Staurolite is associated with the Fairy Realm and the forces and elements of Nature. As fairies are known for their flying presence, they are hard to see, but they may make their presence known near mushrooms, in fairy rings and other unspoiled natural surroundings. Their presence and laughter may be evoked with these precious sparkling stones of Staurolite.