Summer Love

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Om Sai Ram, Everyone,

As we approach the Summer Solstice for our longest day of the year and the warmer and more relaxing weather of the Summer months ahead, we may want to shift gears towards a slower pace and actually stop and smell the roses.  It is my personal impression that as one grows older, the simpler pleasures, like relating to Mother Nature, hold an even greater appeal as you bask in the beauty of a garden, in good company or in loving thoughts.  I recall as a child growing up in England heavy-headed roses drooping over our driveway, their strewn petals creating a lasting impression on me of beauty and abundance.  Petals lying at the lotus feet of your guru or teacher are such a loving tribute of appreciation for the flow of their energies into your life and into your heart.

With a more relaxed attitude and heart over the Summer months, we may invite romance or self-enhancing activities into our lives that make us “feel” good.  Moving from Gemini to Cancer, the Solstice marks the transition from a more head oriented- to a greater heart alignment.  We might want to be more social and active in whatever ways we see fit.   With the New Moon Solar Eclipse on 1st June highlighting new activities, and a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 15th, we can over the next 2 weeks be mindful to complete what lies unfinished, enabling a greater freedom to spend time in contemplation, meditation and being who we are.  Being a Cancerian, I feel that the Cancerian month truly assists one to get in touch with oneself, what we truly feel about ourselves and with what really matters. “Sovereignty”,  or rulership of the Self, emerges from having an inner life for which one needs to spend some period of time alone.  Summer vacations, time at the beach or just relaxing at home enables this.

Thus my suggestion is that you award yourself a June rose for all that you have achieved and to love yourself more.  Celebrate yourself and others with a Summer Love of another color: Unconditional Love.

Love and Blessings to You,

June, 2011.