Sunnyside Up!

Alison JamesMaster Merlin Speaks


There must be no doubt in your mind, in your body or in your soul, that this is a splendid time to be alive on planet Earth!  The Sun is pouring forth light, blessings and favor upon you. No more need you hide in the shadows of self doubt, recrimination and pain.  Come down off the cross of suffering and malcontent.

Jesus the Christ used the energies of the sun to manifest his true Son-ship and now it is your turn! The universe is bringing you energies of transformation and manifestation such as you have never experienced on Earth before. Grace and favor, grace and favor, grace and favor.

Your own brilliance and insights are before you; allow them to lead you, and not the other way around. You are the Light Made Manifest on Earth as a Divine Being of Light. The gifts and talents lying on the inside of you are seeking right expression, in right alignment with the Divine Plan. Speak to the winds, sing to the birds and dance with the grasses. Your magnificence is unfolding in the spotlight lit by the Sun. Open up the diamond light glowing within your heart. You have chosen this time to shine a light for humanity. So put on a smile and let yourself be served, sunny side up!