Temple Worship

Alison JamesAlison's Commentary

The Outer Court …

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You arrive in the Outer Court, a walled–off area where many massive statues greet you. The large columns on the outer edges of the courtyard hold up roofed colonnades through which you stroll in awe wonder at the impressive size and glorious decoration of the columns. The columns rise like the reeds of the Nile or papyrus stalks, sculptured and painted with the symbols of the gods and the stories of the kings. The priest will minister to you at the appointed hour.

The Inner Court …

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You wander among the many columns that rise like a forest to hold the roof over this enclosed space of Abydos. Greater beauty and inscriptions await you here. The temple priests guide you to the cartouche stories and symbolism that provide specific wisdom and directions for your presence in this temple. Pause in the Rays of Illumination to receive your instruction.

Holy of Holies …

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In your meditation, prepare to encounter the most holy sanctuary of the temple, where God dwells, whether masculine or feminine in outer appearance, For the Ancient Israelite, this place within the Tabernacle was covered by a veil and may have contained the Ark of the Covenant where the High Priest entered once a year on the Day of Atonement to sprinkle the blood of sacrificed animals. Devoid of ritualistic paraphernalia now, discover that you and your body temple are the Holy of Holies.

In Ancient Times Only the Israelite High Priest …

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… could go behind the veil, wearing his special linen garments, sash and turban, carrying incense in one hand, the smoke representing the prayers of the Israelites, and bull’s blood in the other (a sin offering) and approach the Ark of the Covenant.

March, 2018.