Kind Words from Clients

Alison James is a treasure, pure and simple! Her true-hearted desire to help those on the path, her extensive and vast arcane knowledge and her prodigious healing and teaching skills are a real boon to us New Yorkers. She is a clear and direct channel to the Masters, the stars and beyond! ~AC, NYC

After I’ve received a channeling from Alison James I feel a sense of hope as it allows me to see from a higher perspective why things are the way they are in my life. Her channeling always resonates with my soul and because of that the messages always feel right. ~AE, NYC

How can bliss be described in words? Alison’s workshops continue to offer me the experience of receiving the ultimate spirit voyage. I feel as if I am traveling in a world of visionary delight. When I leave the workshop, I carry with me a greater ability to access the power of creation. Thank you, thank you. ~KK, NYC

Thank you, Alison, for the healings with crystals I received through your sessions. I still find it incredible how powerful and complex this work is. And the way you can attune yourself to Source, to the knowledge and wisdom from behind the veil is just inspiring. I found in you much more than just a healer. You are a truly wise Soul with such a big Heart. You were certainly a stepping stone for me to the next level in healing myself and my path. The sessions and all that came through you, including the wisdom, were so complex and influenced my life on a very deep level. For those who haven’t met Alison and experienced her work – don’t wait, allow yourself to have the experience of whatever she has to offer you. You will get closer to God. ~MJG, NYC

Alison’s Unconditional Love Workshops are truly enlightening. She has a great and special gift for leading others forward (and higher) into the light of expanded consciousness. I’m a born skeptic but my experiences with Alison’s guidance are undeniable. Prepare to have your mind blown — you will never look at this life in the same way again. ~RB, NY

Alison’s meditations and teachings heighten the frequency of the meditator’s senses so that an immediate connection to the peacefulness and love energies in the higher dimensions can be found. To study and journey with Alison is like taking a bath in love, happiness and freedom. ~AN, NJ

The changes that occurred for me at Alison’s Divine Workshops are so profound on every level, that in one or two sessions a lifetime of therapy, spirituality and compassion has been gained. I feel safe now, safe within myself. My job changed, in fact everything changed so radically. I have become so happy and radiant that the only explanation those around me can offer is that I must be getting married! With Alison’s loving guidance, each journey allows access to an area of ourselves and the universe that is only dreamed of in science fiction movies. This is such a precious and meaningful experience that one is alerted to his true and higher purpose in this life where all things come together in harmony. I recommend this workshop highly. ~JC, NYC