The 11:11:11 Opening/Divine Masculine and Feminine

Alison JamesMaster Merlin Speaks

At this auspicious time of awakening, 11:11:11 marks the return of balance and harmony to the heart. Masculine and Feminine forces of love are recalibrating the essence of the heart to a new degree of unity and unison for humanity and Mother Earth.  Allow your inner light to blossom.

Whether you are seated at home or attending a community gathering, this Triple Stargate at 11:11 am or 11:11 pm, 2011, offers you the opportunity to be the link across the ages, between heaven and earth and most importantly, just to be. But think not that this is limited to a moment.  It is an acceleration point to enable the outpouring of Love from the Creator to register in the heart of humanity and for you to expand beyond the past, its lessons and memories. It is a time to step into the mastery signified by the number 11, to be in the center of your circle, your universe, a blending of masculine and feminine within the Self: one meeting one and being One.

That is your journey, your mission, both inward and outward.  To stand alongside the Shining Ones of Immortality, to become Masters, Wizards, Crystalline Beings of Light, to hold the balance, not as an intellectual exercise but because it is the diamond radiation in your heart, your brilliant core of Divinity. Own and embrace all qualities within the Self, as encoded within your DNA. No-one is greater or lesser than yourself.  You are the Shining Ones of Now, the Wayshowers, the Flame Holders, the Ones showing the way for humanity. From the core of the Earth to the Great Central Sun, all is well, all is unfolding according to the Divine Plan.

Shine your light to family, community, friends, your nation and around the globe to ground this light for All Life Forms.  Connect to the stars, to Mother Earth, to sacred sites, to the crystal in your hand, to the plants in your garden.  Your Love, intention and thoughts are paving the way for the creation of a New World for All.  The shift of the heart to Unconditional Love is the essence of The New Camelot, the New Golden Age and the New Paradigm for Planet Earth.

With Infinite Love to YOU
Master Merlin

November 11, 2011.