The 2nd Half of 2018 begins …

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Hello Everyone,

Seen cyclically, July marks the midway point for the year, or, seen in the form of an astrological circle, a time for the move away from the nadir point to return back to the zenith, or apex, the place of re-beginning. After the Summer Solstice and the beginning of the Summer season, it takes energy, perhaps even a push and a certain momentum to keep heading upwards, perhaps when in the lazy, hazy days of Summer you might prefer to coast along. But all that you have need of is provided, both within and without.

The celebration of July 4th in the United States is a powerful marker of this mid-year shift (no accidents here). It is a time when we look back at the undergirding of the nation and recall the Founding Fathers and all that they incorporated into the Declaration of Independence. The consciousness of the few upheld then, and we continue to uphold now, a consciousness for the many. Today is a great time to reconnoitre and review where things stand in light of universal truths that came forth then and that we are upholding now. Never more than today in our trying political climate are we being asked to step up to the plate to speak up for and maintain all that we are. Despite economic and social injustices, and infractions both at home and abroad, it is good to remember that we impact the larger picture of mass consciousness by maintaining the highest level of consciousness and love in our being.

All that we are encountering and witnessing in our lives gives us a windmill to tilt at and to pitch ourselves against, like Don Quixote, Cervantes’ errant  knight. Our modern-day windmills, however, are not imaginary and there is plenty to engage our faith, senses and other goals in life. In order to participate in the flow, we must have the energy, strength and focus to do so. And in order to have these things, first and foremost we must honor and nurture the self. From a centered place, from the heart, we will find ourselves selecting what matters to us most as individuals, irrespective of the collective stream of consciousness, familiar knowledge or accepted norms of the status quo.

Since Master Merlin entered my conscious awareness and, indeed, changed my life, part of my journey has been to embody my role as an Ascension Energy Anchor. What does this description mean? As I see it, it means to hold the energies and frequencies for raising consciousness for humanity while still in form, and to ground those energies for self and others. For lightworkers, walking one’s talk likely comes at a price, but this is necessary and oftentimes an all-consuming process that proves ultimately to be a test of character and belief. Being present in the moment allows one to step aside from one’s inner emotional slings and arrows and do the next right thing. As always, in trying times of transition, the higher the frequency one holds, enables negative or lesser energies to fall away. In addition, what we anchor for ourselves, we anchor for others.

Here in the United States we have the freedom to uphold the virtues of character as we see fit. As I espouse in Merlin and The New Camelot: The Birth of Collective Christ Consciousness it is up to us to “be the change we wish to see in the world” (as per Ghandi) and to create a better world — this has not changed! The Ascended Masters and other Enlightened Beings are at hand to assist us and we can invite them in.

Please come to the shared workshop described below to play your part in this grand scheme of things and to consciously function as an Ascension Energy Anchor yourself. It’s never too late to reset one’s intention and engage in spiritual alchemy, the transformation of self. Enjoy your Summer.

Love and Blessings,
Al Ra Hara Ti-Ka

July, 2018.

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