The Collective learns to BE the Collective

Alison JamesMaster Merlin Speaks

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The Winter Solstice and the coming Holiday Season is a time for all to gather round the fires of light and warmth and to share a time of celebration of the birth of the Christ. This may also be translated to mean the birth of Collective Christ Consciousness on Earth, what we may term ‘The New Camelot’. Simply stated, it is “One for All and All for One”.

Despite political turmoil and global changes at large, this is a wonderful opportunity to hold on to what is true and dear to your heart, no matter what may be hurled at you by the media. The call is to love yourself, your own personal world and all those who are in it, and to be aware that all that you are is part of the Collective vibration. No one being or energy can change your thinking or focus unless you allow it to. Take heart to be all you can be and do all you can do.

A smile to a stranger, a helping hand, a shared moment with a loved one helps to create the feeling of connectedness and Oneness, a move towards the new We Consciousness presently being created on Earth. Exclusivity is being replaced by inclusivity for All in all kinds of wondrous ways. No one person matters more than another. Allow your inner Divinity, your I AM Presence, to shine through in every circumstance in your life.

You are Love, you come from Love and your journey is to be that Love on Earth in service to All. Follow the inklings of your heart and your own creativity for you are a wave on the shore of Collective Humanity and together with the Higher Realms of Light, we shall build a new world where everyone is loved, valued, respected, cared for and included around the globe. For this is agape love, love for your fellow man as taught by Jesus the Christ. From Love and Light we come and to Love and Light we return. Death where is your sting?

Enjoy yourself and be nurtured by this time of Love and Peace,
Blessings to You All,

Merlin and Al Ra Hara Ti-Ka as One.

December, 2016.