The Constant in a World of Change

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Refurbished Cave Dwelling where Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus stayed in Cairo during their flight from persecution.



I have just returned from an amazing tour of Egypt and its ancient sacred sites along the Nile. It seemed incongruous to see, through my “western” eyes, inflated Santas in the sand, in the hotels and roundabout on the streets. Of course the story of the birth of Jesus and the celebration of Christmas originates there in the Middle East and our pagan and commercial spin on these events in the west is mind-boggling from an “eastern” perspective. Seeing how life continues in these poor areas is a reality check on how blessed we are with our modern lifestyle and freedom of choice in the west.

During my prior visit to Egypt in 2012 the cave dwelling pictured above was not accessible due to flooding. It lies beneath a beautiful old church in the Coptic section of Cairo and a sweet and peaceful energy prevails in the church. The awareness that I was standing where the holy family lived was very humbling and warming and also so empowering to know that the Christ came with a world message for humanity through this place. Can we, who have so much, make a difference? While we find ourselves living in a time of great evolutionary change, as ever it is up to us to walk our talk and be a source of love on which to found the New Golden Age, or as Merlin and I may call it, The New Camelot.

This brings me to my thoughts for this Christmas which I share here, that the illusion and outer appearance of things can be such a distraction, albeit a necessary part of our existence in a material world. The kindness of the people that our group encountered in Egypt was inspiring. We had lunch one day in close vicinity to the Abydos Temple in a small adobe home where we feasted on tagine, roast chicken and other local fare. It was such a joy to me that the family shared with us in this way. Our tour guide, a very knowledgeable and entertaining Egyptologist, wanted us to take home Egypt in our hearts. He succeeded.

Wherever we may find ourselves this Christmas, may we share the love that we are as we celebrate the birth of the Avatar of Love, the shining example for humanity in Time and No-Time. Love is the true constant in our ever-changing world.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to You!
Love and Blessings,
Alison, a/k/a Al Ra Hara Ti-Ka

December, 2017.