The Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine (Workshop)

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Hello Everyone,

Like a Guardian Sphinx, this amazing image captures the otherworldly aspect of our spirit being like a lion gazing out to the heavens with poise and grace, love and perhaps anticipation. These are but some of the qualities we may experience in our workshop on Saturday. It’s not too late for you to come.

We never know when and how those “aha” moments will arrive, when a synchronicity or piece of information prompts us to put one and one together, and make one – what? – I mean a whole One! This is a clue regarding the content and purpose of this workshop. Whatever you may be facing, alone or in tandem with another in a relationship, we shall be unraveling the mysteries that hold us in repetitive mindsets and behaviors that sabotage our happiness.

Are you locked into a perception of “how” you or the opposite sex should be? Has your parental influence dominated your thinking and beliefs? Do your expectations create conflict within or without you? Come and explore how we have delineated and categorized ourselves and how we can transcend these limitations. With the loving assistance of the Ascended Masters, we shall seek our individual Heart-to-Heart knowing as well as our inner balance of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine of Self. Journey with us to Arcturus for a unique expression of healing energy with Lady Quan Yin. Are you Solar, Lunar or Universal?

Love and Blessings to You
Al Ra Harati

September 18, 2018.