The Divine Feminine in Egypt: Mother Isis

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At the time of our group pilgrimage to Egypt (February 2012), the rising up of women in Egypt to establish their right to vote was more than a coincidence; it was a synchronicity.  The Egyptian Gazette that I read on my outbound flight announced that despite rejection by the Egyptian parliament of a woman’s right to vote, Egyptian women were forming a parallel parliament. As of today (4/10/12) it appears that the post-revolution denial of women’s rights continues, with dissension among Egyptian men and women themselves as to rightful representation. Most recently, I have read of political imbalances yet stalling the creation of a new Constitution. Television star Bothaina Kamel, who has been challenging for the Egyptian presidency, said: “30% of women in Egypt are illiterate … and the Islamic bias is detrimental to the status of women”.[1] Also recently in the news is Samira Ibrahim, who survived a military beating, sexual assault and a public “virginity testing” done before men cheering and applauding, and who traveled eight hours by bus daily to attend the court case she initiated. Now she must take her case to international courts for justice to prevail against these heinous assaults on herself and women’s rights; it appears she must take on “city hall” like a modern day Egyptian suffragette.

These inequalities present a stark reality and yet also a mission for the international group of pilgrims on our sojourn.  We were there together as a contingent of lightworkers, in the role of “Ascension Energy Anchors”. Our unified presence and combined energies are having an effect upon the energies of mass consciousness, serving a purpose far greater than we know (as stated by Metatron, Lord of Light, channeled by Tyberonn). At this time of Ascension and the return of the Divine Feminine, it was not a surprise that our group was mostly female and, interestingly, a large number of us were of the zodiac sign Cancer. I hasten to add that the motherly, nurturing aspect of being was evidenced by the participating men as much as by the women and there was no gender segregation among us. Everywhere we went, in Cairo, to the smaller towns, at the temples and tombs, and out in the fields, it was quite noticeable that it was mostly Egyptian men we encountered and saw working in the public arena; women and children were not often seen in the hotels, working in the stores or walking on the streets. Our female tour guide was an exception – and quite exceptional; like other young Muslim, she would wear jeans and sneakers, but always with a hijab headscarf for modesty.

According to the fifth-century Greek historian Herodotus, the situation in Egypt was quite the reverse in his time. He was surprised to discover that it was Egyptian women who attended market, worked in the fields and the trades, while it was the men who stayed at home and did the weaving; weaving was an important trade as one mummy may have required up to 400 yards of cloth. Women had considerable rights, comparable to those of men, such as being able to own property and bear witness in court. They took care of household finances and were entitled to mummification in the same way as the men were. The most famous Egyptian women, who were not just recognized for who they were, but indeed were powerful rulers, included Hatshepsut, Nefertiti (wife of Akhenaten), Nefertari (consort of Ramses II) and Cleopatra VII who aligned with Roman commanders Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony.

Marriage was by mutual consent and prenuptial agreements and divorces took place then. Fertility was highly prized and pregnant women wore amulets for protection and sought the presence of Goddess Taweret who was known as a fierce guardian of pregnant women, having the head of a hippopotamus, the legs and paws of a lion and a crocodile-tail headdress. For the gift of fertility no Goddess was sought more than Isis. Today, one may visit a Temple of Isis at beautiful Philae, or in Pompei, or Rome or on the Isle of Delos, Greece, to appreciate a glimmer of her Divine presence captured in stone. As often depicted in the temples, women gave birth seated on a meskhenet (a confinement chair) with the assistance of the goddesses from the other realms at their side.

The paradox we may observe in the Egyptian woman’s plight, has, nonetheless come to the fore.  Over the last 2,000 years, it is not the case that the Divine Feminine energies were withdrawn or no longer accessible, but rather that the patriarchal energies of domination and control were to reach a certain level to a point of non-acceptance, punctuating lessons from which we may all learn.  It is the embracing of the past, not its condemnation that will carry us forward with renewed responsibility. The re-establishment now of the Divine Feminine to her rightful place in the hearts of all men and women is bringing forth new levels of love and respect for all life through Love.

Love is timeless and so too Goddess Isis transcends our human perspective and linear thinking. Coming through the lineage of Nut, the Sky Mother, and Geb, the Earth Father, she is depicted with outstretched wings and on her head she wears a throne. As Isis so advises, she is rooted in the Earth but her heart is cosmic; her presence extends to other universes beyond this Universe. In the Egyptian mythological story, Isis restored and pieced together her murdered and dismembered husband Osiris using her own healing magic and as in a “miracle” she gave birth to Horus.  Her love, fortitude and ability to heal herself are described in the myth, but today her loving presence may be called upon by us on Earth as well as by those in other universes; Isis is a teacher and instructor in the ways of the Universe. Her son, Horus, is symbolized by the high-flying hawk and he is known for his kingly and protective attributes; his legendary birth sits on a par with the miracle birth of Jesus by Virgin Mary. Isis advises that the Light we choose to ground in the Earth plane is reflected back to the Universe.

I AM Isis, the Goddess of myriad forms of Light within the Universe.  Do not think of me as ‘out of reach’ or ‘lost in the mists of time’. I AM ever present with you on Earth to assist your transformation and evolution on Mother Earth.  I await your transmission and eager intent to transcend the lower forms that have held you hostage for so long.  Look up to the starry skies and know that your presence is there as much as it is on Earth. I am ready to help your growth and expansion in whatever endeavor you may choose, whether it is child rearing or cooking or writing or communicating on a global scale. It is a matter now of honoring the Divine principles that lie within each of you; therein lies the root of your journey throughout the universes.  My love for you is immense. I will go where you fear to tread. Trust yourselves, dearest ones. Life itself is a miracle as are you. Love and Blessings to you, Mother Isis.”

[1] Per Sue-Lloyd Roberts, BBC Newsnight Egypt.