The Dow Master Crystal

Alison L. JamesMystic Crystal Revelations

Named after JaneAnn Dow by her friend and fellow crystal worker and author, Katrina Raphaell (my Crystal teacher), the Dow Master Crystal is a fairly rare and magnificent quartz crystal find. Its six faces, culminating in the termination point, are formed of 3- and 7- sided faces alternating with great balance and precision. The 3-sided faces are transmitters and, of course, there are three of them. The three 7-sided faces are usually larger and are for channeling.

In a perfect Dow, this 7-3-7-3-7-3 configuration brings balance in two major ways. Firstly, the geometric symmetry has mystical meaning in the numbers “7” and “3”, the “7” representing Creation and your deeper purpose in life, and the “3” representing Divinity, Unity and Oneness. All the 7-sided faces are the same size and likewise for the 3-sided faces. Secondly, this crystal is an important ally is for energy exchange, moving energy in through the channeling faces and out through the transmitter faces. Hence it is aptly named a Master Crystal.

The Dow can assist you to bring through information and a greater connection to your Higher Self and Spiritual Guides. It can help you to receive and send out Divine Love to humanity, so needed at this time of Mother Earth’s Ascension process. With greater inner balance comes greater clarity for you and humanity