The Egyptian Pyramids

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The writer wishes to impart that this is a brief, personalized report on a visit to the Pyramids and represents her present experience and understanding.  It is not intended to explain the depth of their construction, functioning and significance. A wealth of information and discernment is available to the seeker.

When walking through churches and temples around the world, indeed through the ruined temple complexes in Egypt, one may observe how they were structured to enable the supplicant to move from the Outer Court, to the Inner Court and sometimes, when permitted, into the Holy of Holies. This progression may be understood on a physical plane as well as on a higher plane of existence. Traditionally, only priests and rulers were allowed to enter a most sacred inner sanctum, for they were the ones who were to abide in the Divine Presence of God. In Moses’ tabernacle, it was believed that in the Holy of Holies one would encounter God “face to face” and that the veil between God and man would be torn asunder. The surrender and role of the priesthood had to be earned. The principle remains the same for Initiates on the spiritual path today. While we may not need to have bells and pomegranates sewn on the hems of our garments for others to hear our comings and goings, the pursuit to achieve Christ Consciousness within and to be Universal and Unconditional Love is a personal pursuit and not for the faint of heart. Thus I can say that on my own pilgrimage, entering the pyramids of Egypt was a humbling and ennobling experience that I shall not soon forget.

When our group entered the “Red Pyramid” of Pharoah Sneferu at Dahshur on the second day of our pilgrimage in Egypt, I discovered that the descent from the entranceway half-way up one of the faces (200 feet), down to the Inner Chamber within, was longer and required greater stamina and focus than I had anticipated.  Crouching and moving along like a crab on the tiered steps through the tunnel in almost darkness, I quickly realized that it was imperative to move in synch with the person in front of me. Feeling some trepidation, I let the rhythm of the steps guide me and despite the tunnel’s constrictive 3’ height and 3’ width, its sturdy construction for a length of 86, or 282 feet, meters was a marvel. This descent required a coordinated effort on everyone’s part (121 people). It was a live and physical testing of harmony and coordination; I am pleased to report that our “We Consciousness” succeeded beautifully.

After our meditation and ceremony, we had to return on the reciprocal course, now uphill! As I made my ascent, I distinctly heard a voice telling me that this was just a beginning and further trials would be coming. We may have reached the Holy of Holies of the Red Pyramid, with each having his or her own experience, but this was assuredly a group warm-up for the entry into the Great Pyramid of Giza that was yet to come. Afterwards, I and many others suffered sore leg muscles for several days.  Our pilgrimage had begun in earnest.

When one stands before a great pyramid such as the Red Pyramid (the 3rd largest in Egypt) its magnitude and geometry is astounding. That the most well known pyramids have stood the test of time and are mostly intact, despite outer surface deterioration, has piqued the curiosity of archaeologists, historians, scientists, astronomers and pilgrims alike.  While theories and explanations abound for the meaning, structure and purpose of the pyramids, for the Initiate it is the inner experience and Truth that pierces the mystery. By opening up to more that is “above” one can learn more about what is “below.

The ascending passage to the King’s Chamber was 3’9” high and 3’5” wide for a length of 41 meters, or 134.5 feet, at a 25 degree angle. Like the Red Pyramid, the walls and passages are absent any mortuary decoration.  The tombs in the Valley of the Kings are elaborately decorated to accompany the afterlife of a pharaoh. Thus one can surmise that the pyramids were intended for an entirely different purpose.

Within the King’s Chamber stands an empty sarcophagus, without a lid, chipped at one end, thus enabling an adult to climb in and lie down with relative ease.  We each took turns to lie down within it and to feel the resonance, if only for a few moments in our private time inside the Great Pyramid.  Ascended Master Merlin confirmed to me that indeed Joseph, Jesus and Moses did receive their Pyramid Initiations in this very same sarcophagus.

 As I sat on the floor of the King’s Chamber, my back against the wall, the air was still. After the climb it was good to rest, but I would not say it was particularly comfortable or pleasant, rather that the atmosphere and conditions were to take you out of your comfort zone. To gain composure here through meditation is a must; one must transcend the physical experience to endeavor to reach the zenith of a pyramid construct in which the highest consciousness is at the top.

The best way for me to convey my personal experience in both the King’s and Queen’s Chamber is to say that I felt an opening and expansion to the macro, the universe above me, while at the same time feeling a connection to zero point, the micro within me. It was as if my energetic boundaries merged into deep timelessness and I discovered a greater sense of myself and my connectedness to the universe.

The Great Pyramid can be said to be the physical manifestation of the top half of an energetic octahedron.  It has been described as having an energetic base that points down below its physical foundation. It was built upon the most powerful energetic node of the planet. An octahedron is said to be the first building block in the Seed of Life and when it spins it forms a circle, like a Merkaba.  I believe some in our pilgrimage may have experienced some dizziness; I can say I felt a little light-headedness, but also a light-heartedness, upon the descent.

Also, it is interesting to note that an octahedron represents the element of air.  Air is the great harmonizer between heaven and earth; it unites and balances the other elements of earth, fire and water. I would go so far as to suggest that the Great Pyramid is the Great Balancer for planet Earth.

Plato said the Ancient Egyptians knew how to use sound to maintain a high vibration and prevent corruption for 10,000 years*. So precise are the measurements and geometries of the Great Pyramid that a line dropped from its zenith enables the squaring of the circle of the pyramid.  I believe we can say that the Masters of the Universe gave humanity a spiritual model that we are endeavoring to understand, including the power of the “Caduceus Coil” referred to by Egyptologists as the djed pillars (one is described as standing above the King’s Chamber, in the form of Osiris).  Here we can recognize the Ancient Egyptian belief in Osiris as the God of resurrection. Master Thoth, a Master Magician and Architect of the Universe, to whom the construction of the Great Pyramid is attributed, says:

Mankind is on the verge of discovering the truth of his origins and aligning himself with the Cosmos.  We await his ultimate return as a fully conscious Soul. There is no past, present and future; step into the timelessness of your Spirit.  We will greet you there.

It was discovered that the southern shaft of the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid of Giza points towards Orion associated with the god Osiris, the 8th dimension*, the Galactic Federation and Cosmic Order.  The equivalent shaft of the Queen’s Chamber (which is located below the King’s Chamber) points towards Sirius, associated with the Goddess Isis, the 6th dimension*, sacred geometry and other morphic fields. The positioning and design of the three great pyramids in Giza is almost a replica of the alignment of the three main stars that form Orion’s belt (the Great Hunter). It is as if his sword, pointing earthward, is directed at the zenith of the Great Pyramid itself. If we will look up, the heavens are showing us the way, as they did 2,000 years ago!

It is not unreasonable to say that the Ancients, including the Egyptians, had a far greater understanding of man’s connection to the stars than is commonly accepted today; similarly, I also believe that there is a far greater Divine Plan overlying the functioning of the pyramids than our linear thinking can grasp. In Key 104 of J.J. Hurtak’s The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch he discusses how within the Universe, pyramids of light assist “the process of transforming human evolution to co-participate with the Higher Evolution”. In Key 105 he further explains how levels of consciousness are connected not only to the Great Pyramid, but also to certain star fields.

The Great Pyramid of Giza lies at the heart of the Earth’s continents and it sits at a grand intersection or node of magnetic energy lines that connect to other power points on the planet, to a grid of crystalline energies around the planet and to the Cosmos. We can assist Earth’s evolution and our own by connecting to the Great Pyramid: we can access the energies and encodements embedded there that affect human consciousness. 

I hope and trust that this is of some interest and assistance to you. There is so much more.

 *Alchemy of Nine Dimensions, Barbara Hand Clow.