The “I AM” Flow of Masculine and Feminine Energies

Alison JamesArticles

“Life can turn on a dime”, as the saying goes, and we realize that things can change direction very quickly in a very small space or short period of time.

When the Eurasian and Pacific tectonic plates shifted on the Pacific Ocean floor creating the earthquake and tsunami that flooded northeastern Japan and affected other islands of the Pacific Ring of Fire in March of this year, the initial “p waves” that moved through the rock and ocean were followed by secondary “s waves” of energies that moved through solid rock.  The outward-moving concentric rings of energies created shakes and upheavals of both land and water at tremendous speeds and devastation for tens of thousands of people in Japan, and elsewhere.  Within seconds human lives and communities – ecological and animal – were lost and once more humanity reeled from Mother Earth’s powerful forces being unleashed.

When the four components of fire, earth, water and air converge in a storm or geophysical cataclysm, we are reminded that there are always forces at work beyond our control.  In whatever way we may be affected personally by their impact, we have no choice but to acquiesce to the changes wrought and do our best with the situation at hand. On a human level, whether or not such changes are to our liking is another matter.  Spiritually speaking, we may not know the reason for the hefty dose of reality the changes have brought, but we can know the Divine Plan is at work.

It is helpful to understand that both the masculine and feminine principles of the Universe are always functioning together on a cosmic, planetary and human scale to create our reality. The “I”, the Masculine Principle, activates, leads and strives outwardly through logic and structure while the “AM”, the oceanic, receptive, perceptive and nurturing being of the Feminine Principle receives and manifests the impetus of the “I”.  Now is the time, on a human level, for us to balance the initiating “I” aspect of being, with the loving, compassionate aspect of the “AM” by balancing both aspects of being within ourselves, by making loving, rational choices.  When we say “I AM”, we are not only unifying the principles within us, but we are also using the name of the Great “I AM”, the God or Source of All Things. Thus, when we say “I AM”, we are calling upon our own Divine Presence which is both masculine and feminine.  If we wish to effect change in our lives, what we call ourselves is critical. To say “I AM strong” as opposed to “I AM weak” is going to support a positive outcome.

Similarly, we may define the Father Principle as the “giver of life” and the Mother Principle as the “giver of death”.  By this we mean that the Father Principle initiates life whereas the Mother Principle, through her creations, brings form into being.  Manifested form, however, is forever changing; it evolves, transmutes and ultimately dies, taking on another form. Thus we can comprehend why, for example, the Hindu Goddess Kali, is known as the “Destroyer” and also as a mother figure.  The heartless, warring archetype, is leaving our collective consciousness. Perhaps in our lifetime we will truly witness the lion lay down with the lamb as we individually and collectively embrace the masculine and feminine aspects of being within and manifest them without.

We and all life forms are subject to the laws of the Universe.  Whatever is happening around us, to us or within us, we have the choice to either be overwhelmed or step up and say “I AM victorious”. As men and women, by acting with courage and compassion together, we can flow with the changing tides of fortune as they rage in our world. The Divine Plan is ever at work, leading us to the awareness of our own divinity.