The Light of Christmas 2018

Alison JamesAlison's Commentary

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Holiday Greetings Everyone,

No matter the tradition you may follow at Christmastime, as the days grow shorter and the nights longer, the celebrations of Light are the central theme after the Winter Solstice. Before Christmas became officially recognized, pagan traditions recognized nature and the light of the seasons. Today, whether you are lighting a Jewish Menorah, decorating a Christmas tree, following Kwanzaa principles, gathering around a community fire, or visiting a creche scene of the birth of the baby Jesus, we honor the Light. For those who recognize the Christ as the Light of the World, his birth is the focus and point of reverence at this time. To celebrate Christmas is to participate in all that he brought to Earth and to share in his Truth and Love. Perhaps at no other time during the year is the Light of the Christ foremost in our minds and hearts as it is now. However, if we follow in his footsteps on a daily basis following his principles, we can be His wise men and through love create Peace and Joy in this world, joining as One with all differences put aside.

We remember that the three wise men who followed the light of a star to Bethlehem discovered Jesus lying in a manger — which means ‘to eat’ in French — but is the name we give to the trough from which animals feed. The wise men honored Jesus with gold, frankincense and myrrh representing kingship, priestliness and anointing oil. Jesus was the Word of God, the bread of heaven, broken for us, but shining with Love for us. In Hebrew, Bethlehem means ‘house of bread’.

I have often heard it said that if we acted as if it were Christmas every day, Peace would be established on Earth. When you awake in the morning and see the light streaming through your window, is this not the same light that you experience on Christmas Day and every day of the year and that Jesus himself experienced? With our shared history, we can be this Light in the everpresent NOW. It is not to be put aside for a rainy day, or tucked under your arm in case of an emergency. We are Light in form and action and to the Light we shall return.

Within the heavenly realms, the Ascended Masters, Enlightened Beings, Archangels and Angels of the Great Spiritual Hierarchy hold the light for us as well as step it down to us. With this Light we are blessed with love, information and consciousness. We are, in fact, learning to be formless on our way back to the Light.

In Germany, the fir tree (Tannenbaum) is of particular significance. Real candles are still placed and lit upon it. While we tend to use artificial lights (a less flamable alternative of course) worldwide lights festoon city streets and homes everywhere. Recognition of the tree harks back to the understanding that we ourselves are “trees of righteousness”. From the Incan reverence of nature, to the Mayan “world tree” and to the ancient study of Kabbalah, the structure of the tree is rooted in Earth and reaches heavenward for Love, Light and higher consciousness. Such light and metaphysical structure similarly exists within our human form.

When I was learning German as a student, I was taught to sing my favorite carol, Silent Night, in its original language, German. The words were written by an Austrian priest Fr. Joseph Mohr with music composed by Franz Gruber. The translation into English that we sing is very close, but the second line, “All is calm, all is bright”, was written with a slightly different meaning in German, “Alles Schlaft, einsam wacht”. Translated, without any attempt for poetic rhyme, this means “Everything is asleep, lonely awakes”. The inference here is that only one awakes, i.e. the Christ. Or put another way, it is the consciousness of the Christ that awakes with his birth. May the Light of the Christ arise in each one of us, today, Christmas Day and every day.

Love, Light and Blessings to You,
a/k/a Al-Ra Hara Ti-Ka