A One-Day Crystal Playshop Intensive for Beginners

In this one-day, hands-on playshop with Alison James, you will to learn all about Crystals and Gemstones. Whether you are a beginner and curious to know more, or are already a healing practitioner and would like to incorporate the energy of the Crystals into your practice, in this playshop you will learn how to work with these “beings of light”. You will learn the secrets of their “magic” to bring about total well-being, expansion of consciousness and spiritual development.

Crystals captivate us today as much as the Ancients who came before us. In this playshop you will re-connect to the ancient wisdom brought to us from Lemuria, Atlantis and beyond. Re-awaken your senses to these dazzling forms that magnetize, hold, transfer, reflect, refract and transmit Energy, Love, Light and information on the deepest levels within our being. These magical tools, assisted by Spirit and the devic, fairy and elemental kingdoms, can assist us in the healing of body, mind and spirit by clearing our auras, protecting our energies from psychic attack, enhancing our meditation practice, expanding our consciousness, assisting emotional release and bringing an abundance of Love, Light and Divine Energy into all aspects of our being. In this playshop, Alison synthesizes her healing and spiritual wisdom to assist your expansion in Love and Light.

You will learn:

  • How to identify, select and care for Crystals and Gemstones;
  • How to experience, relate to and work with the energies of Crystals and Gemstones;
  • How to identify and utilize the Master Quartz Crystals;
  • How to incorporate Crystals and Gemstones in your meditation and healing practice including placement in your home, workplace and sacred space;
  • How to understand and apply the metaphysical properties of Crystals;
  • A brief overview of the chakra system and how Crystals are used on the body (an in-depth CRYSTAL HEALING TECHNIQUES WORKSHOP is offered separately);
  • How to use a pendulum;
  • A Group Crystal Meditation.