The Magic of Universal Oneness

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I come to you in the fullness and ecstasy of Love. This is “love” with a capital “L” such as you dream of, long for and trust will be your portion. Yet I am here to tell you that all that you are, all that you come from and to which you shall return is the Love that rests, and has always rested, on the inside of you. The transformational power of Love of your Soul, your divine essence, rests in your willingness to surrender to the Divine and all that it has to offer you. It begins and ends with you and is eternally yours. You are Divine.

The Oneness you seek is seeking you from the most distant star to the crystalline speck of sand that lies at your feet. There is nothing separating you from the Oneness of All There Is except your thinking it so. You are the rainbow bridge, the connection between heaven and earth, a phantasmagoria of energies, encodements, cells, structures and feelings that lead you where and how you need to go. As you step more fully from moment to moment into the realization of your Oneness with the Universe, your inner radiance of Love grows brighter and brighter connecting you heart, mind and soul with the power, beauty, health, abundance, peace and joy that is your heritage, your birthright and your heavenly presence. It is pure magic! You are magic!

From this magical place of Oneness centered at your heart, you may be the oracle and vessel for creation and manifestation from Source to Source beyond any doubt, fear or negativity of any kind. It lies within you, it is activated by you and it is up to you. As a man thinketh, so is he. And so it is.

In Magical Love and Oneness,
Master Merlin

April, 2017.

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