What is a Mother?

Alison L. JamesPoetry

A mother is God’s chosen vessel
To give birth to you and me,
Your mother formed you in the womb
But God created thee.

She gave you her genetic imprint
And your father’s family tree,
She fed you with her mother’s milk
And then had to set you free.

Do you have her smile, her laugh,
Her disposition? Do you hear
Her words of Unconditional Love
Ringing in your ears?

She’s a faithful embodiment of Love,
She cherished you and watched you grow,
She carried and supported you,
Soothed your nightly cries of woe.

She is like the sea shell
Mother-of-Pearl, a carrier of great price,
See how a rainbow of iridescence
Bursts forth, it’s your life.

Her kind and generous spirit
Is always there for you,
No sacrifice too much for her,
Her Love will see you through.

She’s a reflection of Mother Earth,
The provider of all our needs,
Our food, our clothes, our shelter,
The heart that nurtures the seed.

Oh forget not your earthly mother,
The substance of your existence,
She’s a veritable mine of wealth
A source of constant replenishment.

It is no accident of fate
Your country of birth is the motherland,
Where you speak in your mother tongue,
Your native language, the work of God’s hand.

And God chose the Blessed Virgin,
Eternal symbol of a Mother’s Love
Who birthed our Lord Jesus the Christ
The sacrificial lamb, son of the Father above.

Now are we, the sons of God,
Each called to play a part
In that maternal relationship
The bride of Jesus’ heart.

Today let us honor our mothers,
Whether they be near or far,
Blessed are we to have been birthed
And to know through The Mother who we are.