The Mystery of Prayer

Alison JamesArticles

In the movie Castaway starring Tom Hanks, his character, Chuck, is washed up on a deserted island after a plane crash. He is the sole survivor and we watch his highs and lows, his achievements and struggles and wonder how we would fare in such a situation. A volleyball, imprinted with his own bloody handprint, becomes his “go-to” god, his “talk-to” companion, “Wilson” (now famous). A silent, non-sentient Wilson is ever-perched at a surveillance point either on the beach or in a cold, dark cave providing Chuck with a sense of comfort. When Wilson is inevitably washed overboard from its roosting post on Chuck’s escape raft, we feel a piece of Chuck’s security ebb away as it bobs towards the horizon.

“Wil-son!” he screams, desperate to retrieve it. But his makeshift “go-to” god is gone. Chuck is alone once more, now adrift at sea with no-thing and no-one to project upon or talk to (or so it appears to him). Who does he turn to? Does he pray for help? We do not know, but movie providence provides salvation in the form of a freighter ship and our (and likely his) prayer is answered. It raises the question, who would you call for? Do you pray? Do you think no-one hears or watches you, or even cares about you? Do you think your innermost thoughts are indiscernible or of no consequence to the Universe? Are you ready to surrender to the flow of the Universe? I am here to say that you are a divine being on Earth, a conduit for the Universe to work through and all that you are matters. You are loved, so loved and provided for in every way and prayerfulness counts.

In light of such Truths, can you accept that our modern secular, material, technological world is numbing us to our divine potential, to our connection to God and All There Is, and our heart connection to each other? Man believes so readily only what he can experience with the five senses. Yet our sixth, or intuitive sense, connects us to our Higher or God Self through the heart, to our spiritual and energetic being that exists just beyond our physical sight. Our presence upon the Earth, indeed within the Universe, is contingent upon higher forces, “As above, so below”. Without the invisible force of the Love of the Creator flowing through all forms of the Universe, our individual being and the world would come screeching to a halt. All circumstances that we encounter, whether you judge them to be good or bad, come from Love for our highest good. All Is and We Are. Let us give credit, recognition, thanks and praise where it is due, and it is due to the Creator of All There Is, to your God if you will, whatever form or Go-To God you may choose.

We dream of a better world of beauty, love and peace, yet how do you imagine it? How much do you really want it? Do you pray for it? Are you prepared to evolve, follow your inner guidance and trust in yourself in order to create it? Like Camelot of old, is utopia worthy of your time and effort now, even your life? Hopefully, at least, it is something that you consider. The axiom “All for One and One for All” rings true now as much as days of old. The concepts, ideas and philosophies we have embraced throughout our history require full focus and implementation by each one of us now as we learn to heal and empower ourselves and take responsibility for all our creations. No longer need society be solely driven by competition and a desire to win by conquering and destroying the planet. Our respect for self and each other will enable the switch from exclusivity to inclusivity, i.e. to “We Consciousness”. We can connect to the Universe through meditation and prayer for all things.

I am advised by the Ascended Masters of the Universe that humanity’s “We Consciousness” is slowly rising up to that of the higher worlds based on our individual and collective desire for Ascension. These Masters have already realized their divinity and are available to help us in all facets of our lives. They hear our thoughts and prayers and feel our energies. Unlike Wilson, these beings do not fade into oblivion, but rather continue to live in energy and consciousness within the Universe and are ready to assist us in our quest. We can aspire to be like them.As we realize the depth and expansiveness of our own divinity, our go-to god, our Wilson, eventually becomes the higher self, working in harmony and cooperation with the Universe and those who have already realized their divinity.  No outer idol or icon can replace the divine I AM Presence of Self within and the devotion and love we can experience therefrom.

Together let us restore divine right order through the wisdom of the heart. May every soul work to raise his or her vibration and employ the five human values given us by Sathya Sai Baba: Love, Peace, Truth, Right Action and Non-Violence. We cannot build The New Camelot single-handed or without the cooperation of others. Our Go-To God and prayerfulness provides each one of us with the vision and provision for the realization of our dreams. Together they open the floodgates of heaven.

May, 2018.