The New Camelot

Alison L. JamesAlison's Commentary

Emmanuel Lansyer’s painting of Chateau de Pierrefonds (1860’s) where
“The Adventures of Merlin” was filmed.

Hello Everyone,

We can easily forget the lessons of our personal and collective history. Sometimes, we become so caught up in our present lives that we need to take a moment and look back to remember from whence we came, what our experiences have shown us and what our present purpose is. Of course, it is good to be present and follow the Buddha’s Middle Way, avoiding the flips and pulls of emotional turmoil and reactions to opposites and duality. By going to an extreme of a perspective one may test the waters of belief and perhaps endurance but how we react, what we allow and the development of our Self Sovereignty are important for our evolution. Lessons will surface come what way. Mindful moderation seems to me the best course to steer.

Through the study of  Kabbalah one can learn to recognize and balance the qualities and extremes of being, such as “severity” and “mercy”, along the 22 Pathways. One can learn to accept and develop the God-Qualities that may have been a source of avoidance or dislike but that are a necessary component of finding a true wholeness of perspective. Wherever we find ourselves, we can know that our divine blueprint of Cosmic Christ Consciousness is within but it may require reawakening and personal responsibility to walk our talk. Thereto, directed effort towards healing and raising one’s vibration is a constant for lightworkers and the uninitiated alike. Unexpectedly, one can re-experience a painful remembrance when sense memories “kick in”, perhaps when our defenses are down. On such occasions, it is surely a sign that something has come up for clearing and this is a good thing. In our present times, keeping a watchful eye in the midst of present worldwide calamities, requires much balancing and allowance of experiences, thoughts and feelings. They are not the Truth of us, let them pass through.

I just completed a marathon of watching the TV series “The Adventures of Merlin” created some 10 years ago. At that time, I found the artifice and character changes so far from the truth of all that I had learned and was writing about Merlin, King Arthur and Knights, that the show was a distraction and an irritant and I could not watch it. It was, after all, the truth about Merlin that I wanted to write about in Merlin and The New Camelot: The Birth of Collective Christ Consciousness. Today, now having watched the show, I discovered that “British Hollywood” (the BBC) did a marvelous job with the stories and its own “movie magic”. Despite so many character changes, undeniably, it is quite engaging and a familiar message permeates throughout: “All For Camelot!” — I can’t disagree with that! However, the death of Arthur at the end of the series marked for me a very painful reminder what Merlin, King Arthur (i.e. Ascended Master El Morya) and we (those who were also present then) worked so hard to accomplish and continue to work for now. In the show, when Merlin launches the floating funeral pyre of Arthur (note: Merlin had predeceased Arthur in the true timeline) towards the Isle of Avalon, it is a very poignant reminder of how much has been done by so many over the centuries to create the Camelot we dream of today. However, despite human feelings and perceptions to the contrary, energies do not die but rather continue to move forward to another form, time and place. We do the very same thing.

Thus, the Camelot that was seeded then we are seeking to create once more, however long this may take. Perhaps the players and circumstances are different, but the goal remains the same. Camelot’s energies never left. We have returned to pick them up and put on the mantle of Love, Peace, Truth and Equality for All. More than ever I am compelled to continue to play my part as guided by Spirit to increase the momentum of Camelot, to make The New Camelot a reality for All. The New Camelot is an active pathway for the Ascension of the Planet and for humanity supported by the Great White Brotherhood and Councils within the Office of the Christ. The New Camelot is the dream still lying on the inside of us that awaits our active participation and co-creation. It represents our ultimate journey to realizing our divinity and return to Source.

I share here also that in furthering my mission, I am deeply ensconced in writing the sequel to my first book that I am hoping to complete this year. It is entitled:

Merlin’s Alchemy for The New Camelot.
This book and all it represents is a treatise of Merlin, the Masters and myself, a pathway to Cosmocracy within the Higher Realms to bring about spiritual equality and evolution for All on Earth. We each have a part to play in the bringing to fruition of the Divine Plan. To love, respect and support all life forms on Mother Earth remains the focus of The New Camelot on our journey back to Source.  “All for One, and One for All.”
Love and Blessings
a/k/a Nam Burlock in Camelot
and Al Ra Hara Ti-Ka in Spirit