Building The New Camelot

Alison L. JamesFeatured

We all love a good story! Whatever medium it may come through, we can observe, hear and understand what that story means to us personally. In an instant, we are able to discern truth and meaning and be inspired by the exploits and achievements of others. Through such experiences, we may be catapulted into action, perhaps even into our destiny, by embracing the overarching purpose or path of someone or something else.

We are in dire need of such stimulation and inspiration today. Camelot of old in the 6th century served such a purpose for those who came into its environ. This utopian society and its concept ‘All for One, One for All’, a tenet of Universal Consciousness, was being laid down in the Earth then as it had been before in the ancient Motherland of Mu, Lemuria and Atlantis. Its time had come again despite other negative forces at work within mass consciousness. The New Camelot has come full circle now for our participation, benefit and shared future.

Landing in myth was Merlin, the wise magician who imbued King Arthur with the consciousness and impetus to take his rightful place as the leader of Camelot, while King Arthur himself landed in the history books. The Knights sat as equals around the Roundtable and fought shoulder to shoulder until human frailty stepped in. But for those shining moments, the collective of Camelot showed the way forward for us all, as much then as it does now.

That King Arthur was able to wield the sword Excalibur, is a significant metaphor for us. As lightworkers we must learn to cut away what no long serves us, individually and collectively, and to join the legions of light warriors of Archangel Michael while here on Earth, to shine a light of Love and Illumination. More than ever, we need to look closely at ourselves and believe and trust that we can change and that a way is being provided to build our vision for the future. Perhaps we do not agree on the details, but we can be assured that taking action and playing our individual part will fit the collective jigsaw. The Divine Plan is always at work.

It all begins with you and your taking steps to participate in your own transformation. We have the alchemical tools, the energies and healing systems to assist you. You are the one you have been waiting for. Everything you need lies on the inside of you and the Masters of Alchemy, St. Germain and Merlin, are ready, willing and able to assist you to bring about the changes you seek. In addition, a vast and magnificent Spiritual Hierarchy of Archangels, Angels, Ascended Masters and other Beings of Light are at hand to assist you upon the asking. We and they are One. Our mission is their mission, their mission is our mission. As above, so below.

In order to birth The New Camelot, we must stand shoulder to shoulder with each other in Love and Mutual Respect. We must expand our connectedness with each other as well as with the Higher Realms. Everyone is to be included and to benefit. The planet and all her kingdoms must be cared for and not destroyed for individual gain. Love is the answer! Without it, nothing is.

Let us come together in the Collective everywhere. At Church of the Creator, the Ministers and Members align and join within the Divine Tapestry and receive guidance and expansion of their own work but, more importantly, they co-create and participate in a dynamic far greater than that of the individual. Aligned within Group Consciousness Grids, within and through the Office of the Christ, together we are going beyond frontiers that we have conscious knowledge of. Let The New Camelot take root in hearts everywhere. Join with us for the great Reunification of Humanity and planet Earth within the Universal Ascension process. Divine Right Order. So Be It.

Rev. Alison L. James
Ordinating Minister, Church of the Creator.