The New You! January 2010

Alison JamesMaster Merlin Speaks


Never before on planet Earth has this opportunity presented itself for a transformation so profound and deep within your being.  Allowing your personal transformation at this time is your life’s work.  As Mother Earth continues to shift into a new level of being, you are traveling with her.  In fact, she needs your assistance to create higher levels of consciousness everywhere.  There is no place where God is not.  By honororing your own Divine presence within, you honor Mother Earth and humanity and all life forms upon the planet.  Never before has there been so much assistance for you to stand and be accountable for your work, your lives and most importantly, your thoughts or “satsang”.  Imagine your thoughts as energy and know that every thought carries a certain  vibration which colors your own personal universe.  Thoughts of Love and Peace and Kindness fan the flames of your hearts.  This will be felt by those who come into your presence.  Watch and see the difference!  That’s how simple it is.  Just be love.  Forgive and forget.

This is a wonderful time to set your intentions for the year ahead. But rather than set goals that overwhelm and are difficult to achieve, think of moving in incremental steps. This applies to yourself, in particular.  A time for practicalities is at hand.  Be present and grounded in your physical form.  Allow new levels of thinking and being to unfold naturally.  We see you, the collective, creating a new world where everyone and everything is cared for and honored.  It is a leap for mankind, literally, but an achievable one.  When you take care of the pennies, the pounds (or dollars) take care of themselves — in other words, it all begins with you.  Don’t try to take on the world, take care of your corner and it will spread from there.

We are so proud of the lightworkers who are working hard to change themselves and embrace the way of Unconditional Love.  As Derek O’Neill says: Love is the answer; what was the question?”  May you love yourselves unconditionally and allow this to radiate to others.  Just be.

Blessings to You All,
Master Merlin