The Second Moon of Earth

Alison L. JamesMessages of Light

(Excerpt from a Channeling with Archangel Gabriel)

Archangel Gabriel:

The energies of the Second Moon of the Earth disappeared from the gravitation of the Earth during Atlantean times. The energies created during the Atlantean times allowed this Second Moon, this portal planet, or portal moon, to move, just as it allowed beings to use its energies to come to the Earth plane. These energies allowed it to move its position within the Universe. Currently it is within Arcturus. It will return in view to the Ascending Planet Earth when Earth has reached its point of true Ascension.

Alison: Is that in 2012?

Archangel Gabriel:

Some will know of its energies in 2012, but most of the Earth will not see it. In the period from 2012 onward, the energies with grow within the Earth’s Ascension process and this new Moon’s energies will be seen within the close of the 21st century.

UPDATE: December, 2009.   An individual reported to me having seen the second moon from the Himalayas!