The Unintentional Writer – How I came to write “Merlin and The New Camelot”

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Do you recall, back in your “salad days”, when you were facing decisions about your future, what studies to follow,  classes to take, and you were pummeled with the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up. “Happy”, I thought to myself, but how?  I had a sense of what I enjoyed, what I wanted and what I was good at and a “sixth sense” of what I felt would be the most productive choices for me; and I followed those inner cues. Looking back, it seems that the momentum of life took over, as it does. The synchronicities of relationships, places, work, travel and experiences led me step by step to arrive from England in New York City and become entrenched on my spiritual path.

I am awed at how the Universe provides what you need (not necessarily what you want!) and somehow you arrive at exactly the place you are meant to be.  It is a wonder, is it not, to then discover that through all your life you have had Guiding Angels and Beings of Light watching over you from the higher realms, and that the twists and turns of your life were no accident?  Along the way, you are benefit from the lessons you are meant to have, you work with the cards you are dealt and you step into the future knowing that it will be “all right”.  Hopefully, you discover, at varying points along the way, that you have become, or are becoming, more of you, your true Self.

When you make leaps in consciousness, from my own viewpoint, some things seem like a blur, yet you have transitioned through them, experienced them, embraced them, learned from them and “made them flesh” (so to speak). This is how I would describe my encounters and reconnection to Merlin. While all progressed on a daily basis, my relationship with him accelerated and spiraled as I sought conversations and his wisdom on just about everything.  A window was opened and off I flew, carried on the winds of adventure, new horizons and change.  And through it all, the one thing that I knew that was leading me, come what may, was the Love I felt inside for him.  Without that Love, I would not have pursued the conversations, worked through the moments of crisis or clung to my own evolution so fiercely. The inner knowing and intelligence of the heart is powerful beyond words.  A way is always made, no matter how challenging, for you to step up to your next level and greet your destiny.  Your Higher Self is always at work for your Highest Good.

And so my journey, my curiosity and a trust in the currents that were sweeping me along, led me to seek the truth about his past, my past, our past and then the truth of Camelot.  Ultimately, I had to question why I was having this amazing experience with him.  But beyond my personal life, there was purpose and destiny unfolding through it all, for him and for me, and for our combined energies beyond.  Nothing was ever forced on me, or meted out at a pace that I could not withstand.  The Divine Plan was unfolding for me and for Merlin, and so it goes on.  God is in charge.  I am learning to just show up.  Whatever is necessary happens when it needs to happen, such as my writing this piece to share with you now!  It is all perfect for me, and for you, whatever befalls you in your life.  Know that you can rise above your personal fray!

At Merlin’s behest, I must add that at a certain level of awareness, instead of being the cork bobbing in all directions on top of the water, we can choose to follow as we are led and surrender to what is laid out before us.  We can accelerate our own “magic” and transmute the debris of lifetimes.  This is an extraordinary time and opportunity for us all.  We are laying the groundwork to establish The New Camelot: The Birth of Collective Christ Consciousness.  I hope you will enjoy this book and all that it has to offer.

Love and Blessings,
Alison L. James