The Uniqueness of You

Alison JamesArticles

There is no-one in the world quite like you. The Creator does not make duplicates! You are uniquely crafted into the package of your personality, your looks, your gifts and talents, and the soul that is you. You are special! This is not to “puff” you up, but to urge you to accept the fact that you are unique and that the universe requires the gift of your uniqueness. Create and be who you are.

Perhaps you think that you do not fit in, that no-one will appreciate what you have to offer or even like your “specialness”. This is erroneous thinking based in insecurity and limiting programming and beliefs. Being different is not being competitive, it is being yourself.  We are all required to step into our truth and be who we are. There is no need for apologies, excuses on your part or to take offense at another. There is room for everyone and everything, including your individuality. It is the diversity of humanity and life that we enjoy and that has attracted us back to Earth, incarnation after incarnation. At the end of this life, we do not want to look back and say, “if only I had done this, or that” and regret missed opportunities and then have to return.

You must put self-doubt and personal fears aside. You are who you are, made the way you are, with something to bring to the world. It matters not if you are well known or an unknown, the important thing is to allow yourself to express what is uniquely yours to express. What one may label as “odd” may be the answer to prayer for another: one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure.  Do not be preoccupied with what others think, seeking their approval. Whatever your métier, even if others are doing the same thing as you, it is up to you to let your perspective shine through. Be honest. Let your experience and feelings color what you bring.  This will assist others to understand your gift to the universe!

How many times has someone said to you, “I saw your double the other day”, and you wonder if there is someone out there who is more like you than you are (only joking!). Even those we call “identical twins” have their own characteristics that distinguish them and make them identifiable as individuals.  Importantly, we all have a “twin flame”, a being who is our ultimate counterpart, a part of the fiery core of the spark that emerged from Source as part of us, one feminine and one masculine. Your journey to reconnect to that being and return to Source together as One may be your goal, but you must work through and demonstrate the qualities that will bring him or her to you. Let your truth come out!

So why hide your uniqueness? The Unconditional Love that lies in the heart of each one of us applauds you and thanks you for sharing what it is that makes you you. What is it you aspire to do, or be? Others can do it. Why not you?