The White Ray of Purity and the Working of Miracles through the Divine Mother with Lord Serapis Bey.

Alison L. JamesAlison's Commentary

Hello Everyone,

Just a quick reminder of the workshop on Wednesday, July 13th, the next workshop in the “Divine Ray and Sacred Flame Series”.

It falls on the master number of “13” — lucky for us! Those amazing Mayan scouts who brought us the Mayan calendar and galactic timekeeping. They and other civilizations have left us so many clues through the cycles of time as to how to “be” our Divine selves. Jesus the Christ was a “13” for he had “12” disciples around him as well as the divine feminine presence of Christed Mary Magdalene, The Ascension Temple at Luxor, Egypt, pictured above, was built around 1400 B.C.E. by Amenhotep III, an earthly lifetime of Lord Serapis Bey. It is a wondrous place that for me always evokes a great sense of joy. Perhaps you too have walked there where so many masters have trod. To be able to ascend to Immortality is the highest Gift of God.

Learning what is required of us to transcend obstacles, to love ourselves and to be of service to the Self and the Collective requires focus and effort, a lot of Love and a lot of Allowance! Come and join us as we develop further awareness of how to purify ourselves, how to participate in a planned series of initiations and develop the God-Qualities necessary to fully ascend. If it is your desire to step off the Wheel of Life to Immortality, to transmute lower energies that impede your growth, and perhaps to raise your kundalini, we shall focus on the White Ray of Purity of the Divine Mother in order to assist the evolution of our souls. It is a choice, not a given. Serapis Bey, the Great Disciplinarian, will assist our learning, growth and petitions. If you are ready, the pathway is laid before you.

Happy Summer Days,
Love and Blessings
a/k/a Al Ra Hara Ti-Ka