Thoughts are Things

Alison L. JamesPoetry

“How many times has  this glass been created?”
Asked the speaker expectantly,
“First in the mind, second in the hand,”
I answered unhesitatingly.

For every thing we see in the world
Begins its life as a thought,
Ideas spring to life in the mind of man
Before being in reality wrought.

Whatever your thoughts and notions today
May ‘morrow be your manifestation,
Denounce negativity and vague notions,
Make specificity your inner gestation.

What do you desire? Imagine the end,
See yourself in the place called ‘there’,
Be bold, make plans, act upon your faith,
Step out to become what you dare.

For you are the mastermind of your own fate,
What are you thinking today?
Guard your thoughts for they are things
Waiting to become what you say.