Time for Transition

Alison JamesAnnouncements

GoldenAgeofLight.com is getting a face-lift! This is to make her more user-friendly, efficient and to encompass new and expanded services becoming available to you.  Please allow for a period of changeover and updates as they come forth.

I am happy to say that the changes and upgrades here are an outward reflection of what is happening within me.  My work  with Merlin is expanding and growing closer all at the same time. We are One and our connection and mission expands as a result of greater alignment.

LIVE INTERVIEW: I will be interviewed live on Sunday, August 5th at 8:00 p.m. at thebridgeoftruth.com and I will channel Merlin live.  Other media offerings and teachings will soon become available to you.

Also, I am pleased to announce that I have stepped out in my ministerial capacity (non-denominational)  as a Wedding Officiant and can offer you unique and creative ways to make your special day truly magical!

And all this in the light of Universal and Unconditional Love that is moving us all towards a brighter and clearer tomorrow.  There is always more and it all begins with you!